Pokemon Fan-Made Games: 11 Marvels You Can’t Miss!

Pokemon Fan-made games
Top 11 Pokemon Fan-made Games

Undoubtedly, Pokemon holds a special place as one of the most beloved game series worldwide, captivating the attention of all age groups. Despite the extended efforts by Game Freak to ensure top-notch quality, the anticipation for fresh faces and missions can sometimes be very frustrating.

There are many fans, thus who are developing Pokemon Games series themselves, and these are no less than the original ones. Remarkably, these creations rival the charm of the originals. Diverging from traditional ROM hacks that merely modify existing games like Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald, or Crystal, these fan-made games offer a unique and enjoyable experience that you can enjoy over your PCs.

However, with a long list of Pokemon fan-made games, choosing the right one can be a tough chore. Here’s the list of the top 11 Pokemon fan-made games, that will leave you in awe. Originally planned as a top 10 guide, these Pokemon fan-made games are too good to be left out of the list.

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Pokemon Fan-Made Games: Top Picks

11.  Pokemon Eon Guardians

Pokemon fan-made games
Pokemon Eon Guardians

Pokemon Eon Guardians is a fully finished fan game comprising Gen1- Gen4 Pokemon that offers a substantial dose of challenge and engaging postgame battles in a huge Terre region. In this game, you’ll be given the task by Eon Duo, to save the region from notorious Team GAIA.

One standout feature that makes Pokemon Eon Guardians stand out as one of the best Pokemon fan-made games is the introduction of Trainer Talents, adding cool abilities to your arsenal. Also, it offers over 50 extensive side quests. These quests provide an enjoyable diversion, enriching the gaming experience without revealing too much.

As you progress through the game, anticipate memorable interactions with characters, adding depth and charm to the storyline.

10. Pokemon Floral Tempus

Pokemon Floral Tempus
Pokemon Floral Tempus

This game seamlessly blends awesome gameplay with decent difficulty and a captivatingly dark storyline. As you begin the game, you will start from an orphanage, from where you along with your friend can start your adventure in a region full of crime.

Shortly, after you’ve started your journey in Pokemon Floral Tempus, you’ll encounter mischievous Team Blight. In your initial confrontation, Team Blight proves unbeatable, kidnapping a gym leader and leaving you with a sense of powerlessness.

The beauty of this game lies in the evolving dynamic with the antagonists. As you progress, you gradually grow stronger, transforming from a vulnerable player to a strong force capable of taking on Team Blight.

Diverse and unique areas of Pokemon Floral Tempus, make it stand out as each location feels distinctly crafted with its theme. Adding to the excitement, Pokemon Floral Tempest introduces custom Megas and Zoroark Mega.

9. Pokemon Flux

Pokemon Flux
Pokemon Flux

Pokemon Flux is a stunning game featuring some best-designed Pokemon characters, with the original Zorua ranking as a personal favorite. Developed by the creators of Uranium, this game promises to be among the best fan creations, especially when it comes to storytelling.

In Pokemon Flux, you will explore the Altera region as one of three characters, revealing the mysteries surrounding flux energy and encountering powered-up Ultra Pokemon. Also, it offers a unique game mechanic, and flux moves making it exciting. These moves, akin to powered-up abilities, can be customized by purchasing new moves from flux machines.

Pokemon Flux is not complete yet, and the makers are still adding things to it. While the game is already so enchanting, it will be exciting to see what the updates bring to it.

8. Pokemon Tales Of The Outskirt Stand

Pokemon Tales of Outskirt Stand
Pokemon Tales of Outskirt Stand

For all the fans of Pokemon Coliseum, this fan-made game is a treat as it’s a direct sequel to Pokemon Coliseum. It introduces a whopping 55 new Shadow Pokemon to catch, each with modern designs and brand-new shadow moves.

Despite the game being short, Pokemon Tales of the Outskirts manages to shine. Developed during The Relic Castle game jam, it stands out as a remarkably good game. The unique concept and execution are some of the highlighted features that make Pokemon Tales of the Outskirt Stand worth it.

Additionally, the inclusion of familiar faces from the past adds a nostalgic touch. While longing for a sequel that may never come, this fan-made gem provides an exciting and unique take on the Pokemon Coliseum universe.

7. Pokemon Soulstones 2

Pokemon SoulStones2
Pokemon Soulstones2

Rolling in at number six, we have Pokemon Soulstones 2. This sequel boasts an impressive array of features that’ll surely get your attention as soon as you jump into its vast region. With over 800 new original forms, a plethora of new Megas, and a huge region to explore, the game offers an expansive and immersive experience.

Moreover, Pokemon Soulstones, offers a diverse cast of characters, with Caitlin standing out as a personal favorite—her charm becomes apparent when you first meet her. Beyond the captivating gameplay, Soul Stones 2 is heavily story-driven.

Currently, the main story is fully completed, and the developers are actively working on the post-game content. The teaser offered after finishing the main story adds an extra layer of excitement, promising something truly cool without giving away any spoilers.

6. Pokemon Myth

Pokemon Myth
Pokemon Myth

Pokemon Myth introduces a fresh and exciting concept called Infusion Types, where each Pokemon can have up to two infusion types simultaneously. These types provide a 1.25 boost to the moves of the Pokemon’s infusion type, and yes, this boost stacks on top of the STAB bonus as well.

Diving deeper, Pokemon Myth brings a diverse array of new features including numerous fake Pokemon, unique regional forms, and even different mega forms for legendary Pokemon. Notably, 11 new evolutions are covering every single type.

The best part of Pokemon Myth is that it is constantly receiving updates, ensuring players are always in for fresh content including it among the top Pokemon fan-made games. Joining the Discord community is a smart move to stay in the loop and not miss out on any exciting updates.

5. Pokemon Empyrean

Pokemon Empyrean
Pokemon Empyrean

Now, that the complete version of Pokemon Empyrean is out, it deserves to be in the top 5 of best Pokemon fan-made games, because of the sheer volume of things to do. Moreover, the post-game content is nothing short of fantastic. The new content smoothly fits into the main story, providing various endings that make the overall storyline more interesting.

Empyrean is a true powerhouse when it comes to content, featuring a variety of custom mechanics, moves, abilities, items, regional forms, evolutions, Fakemon, Mega Revolutions, fusions, and epic boss battles. This game stands out as one of the best fan creations ever crafted. I genuinely urge you to give it a try; it’s an experience that’s incredibly, undeniably good.

4. Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

Pokemon Eevee Edition is one of the most enjoyable Pokemon fan-made games. The battle system is similar to the old Final Fantasy style that allows you to control four characters with turns based on a timer. Also, you can unlock summons, and legendary Pokemon, and add an amazing dynamic to the battle.

The game’s narrative revolves around stopping the Hypervisors, essentially Gods of your world, from upgrading to Generation 3. Your trusty Eevee, capable of evolving and changing into any Evolution at will, is instrumental in this quest.

Moreover, Super Pokemon Eevee Edition offers a lot of different quests, and activities, that are cool and also some insane boss battles making it a standout.

3. Pokemon Daybreak

Pokemon Daybreak
Pokemon Daybreak

Up next on our list of best Pokemon fan-made games list is a game I truly adored—Pokemon Daybreak. This visually stunning game is based on the Gen 3 era in a calming region of Armira. It offers a substantial 20 hours of gameplay; thus, the entire reveal of a story happens very smoothly and in an enjoyable manner that keeps you engaged.

Daybreak presents a comprehensive experience with 10 gyms to conquer, side quests, and its unique take on the Battle Frontier known as the Battle Island. The game boasts an extensive Pokedex featuring 400 Pokemon from every generation, including Generation 9.

Adding to the excitement are new regional variants, with standouts like Greninja and Sceptile, and Daybreak introduces new Mega Evolutions, including much-needed X variants for the Kanto starters.

One of the most intriguing features is the introduction of “Dualeons”, Eeveelutions exposed to a special serum that induces evolution and grants a secondary typing inspired by another Eeveelution. These Dualeons add depth to the game, ensuring an unforgettable gameplay experience.

2. Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium
Pokemon Uranium

At the second spot of the best Pokemon fan-made games, we have Pokemon Uranium. Completing this game can be a real challenge, especially if you attempt a Nuzlocke run. The battles can be intense, and there’s always that moment of anxiety about getting knocked out but all that makes it more fun.

Despite facing a DMCA takedown from Nintendo, the game is still thriving. Fans have taken up the mantle, releasing patches and adding new features, ensuring the game remains alive and well.

It introduces over 150 brand-new Pokemon, including those with unique nuclear typing. This type is both powerful and weak, offering a fascinating twist—hitting things super effectively while being weak to itself. The nuclear type brings us a special Eeveelution, Nucleon, achievable when you have an Eevee and a nuclear Pokemon in your party.

Uranium also features corrupted nuclear Pokemon, adding an extra layer of challenge. These corrupted Pokemon behave feral unless cured, sometimes disobeying your commands—an intriguing aspect that makes this game a must-play.

1. Pokemon Outbounds

Pokemon Outbounds
Pokemon Outbounds

Making it to the top of our best Pokemon fan-made games list, this game offers a 10-hour gameplay featuring a charming selection of Pokemon from the first six generations. It includes Mega Evolutions and the return of Dynamax.

What sets Pokemon Outbound apart are the starter choices—Regional variants of the Kalos starters. These variations add a unique touch to the adventure. Pokemon Outbounds is based in the Azyme region, where the appeal isn’t just battling with regional variant Gen 6 starters but also involves stopping an invasion of alien Pokemon.

Early in your journey, you discover a mysterious egg, leading to an encounter with an alien Pokemon named Brainstorm, resembling an Orbital with a colossal brain. Defeating it triggers a signal, inviting other alien Pokemon to invade the planet. As the protagonist, it becomes your responsibility to stop this invasion.

Thus, with its beautiful art style, unique regional variants, and intriguing storyline involving alien Pokemon, Pokemon Outbounds is a game worth exploring.



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