Granblue Fantasy: Relink – The Best Skybound Arts

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - The Best Skybound Arts
Granblue Fantasy: Relink - The Best Skybound Arts

Granblue Fantasy: Relink introduces the mobile RPG series into an action RPG setting, where you can create your crew and traverse the land. In this game, mastering combat is essential, and to fully reach your potential, you must understand the Skybound Arts. A Skybound Art is a powerful ultimate attack unique to each character. 

Throughout the game, you’ll find numerous characters with distinct fighting styles and special abilities, including their Skybound Arts. In this article, we’ll discuss what Skybound Arts are, How to use them, and the five best Skybound arts in the game!

What are Skybound Arts?

Granblue Fantasy Relink Skybound Art
Granblue Fantasy Relink Skybound Art

Skybound arts are ultimate attacks unique to the character and deal lots of damage alongside additional effects. These flashy attacks exhibit each character’s fighting style, where using them can be very satisfying. Think of Skybound Arts as a finishing attack that can defeat powerful enemies or destroy waves of small opponents, changing the tide of battle in a single move.

These ultimate attacks are fully cinematic, and the executions of each attack are well-designed and interesting to watch. The thing so unique about Skybound Arts is that each attack is given so much attention and focus that the move depends on the character’s designs and identities. 

How to Use Skybound Arts?

To use these ultimate moves, you must fill up the Skybound Art Gauge, a meter that fills up as you damage enemies and use combos. Once the meter is filled, it will start glowing, signaling it’s ready to be unleashed. Then, you must press both analog sticks on your controller to use the skill. If you chain multiple Skybound Arts of a character, the entire party can use a finisher called a Chain Burst.

As for Chain Bursts, these are powerful attacks that are only triggered if multiple Skybound ARts are chained. The more characters chain a Skybound Art, the stronger the Chain Burst gets, where a strong elemental finisher can be used if all four characters chain their Skybound Arts. 

What are the 5 Best Skybound Arts?

Now that we know what Skybound Arts are and how to use them. Let’s look at some of the best ones in the game. Here’s an (unordered) list of the top 5 best Skybound Arts:

Resolute Strike

We’re starting our list with Zeta’s Skybound Art. Zeta uses her contract spear in battle, where she gathers fire to use on her enemies. Her Skybound Art reflects her fighting style, where she channels fire into her spear and then jumps and hits a strike similar to a meteor Strike.

Fist of the Red Lotus

Ghandagoza is known for his combat style, consisting of explosive punches that can damage multiple opponents simultaneously. His Skybound Art focuses on the energy around his fist and then uses one big punch that shoots out a beam of fire, that destroys any enemy caught in it.

Bloody Moon

Vaseraga uses his Scythe to hurt his opponents. The Skybound Art for him has Vaseraga release a burst of dark energy, and then he swings his scythe downwards and throws out a vortex of attacks damaging the opponent.

Butterfly Effect: Moonrise 

Narmaya, the swordsman, fights using his sword and has a classic samurai style of fighting, meaning she unsheathes her weapon, slices a lot, and then resheathes her sword. Her Skybound Art reflects that, where she slashes the enemy multiple times, then charges energy in her sword to eliminate her foes. 

Ultimate Flash

Yodarha is also a swordsman, but he focuses more on several far-reaching attacks that can damage multiple enemies. In his Skybound Art, he first stares at the enemy, and then runs through the battleground, hitting enemies nearby. The attack then ends with a series of attacks followed by an X-shaped sword slash to finish enemies off.

These are only five Skybound Arts, but there are so many more of them due to the vast number of characters in the game. If you’re not content with the amount of Skybound Arts in the game, more will be included as more characters will make their way to the game in the future.

And that’s all you need to know about Skybound Arts in Granblue Fantasy: Relink! If you want more help, check out Granblue Fantasy Relink – How To Farm Silver Centrum.

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