How To Get Pal Fluids Palworld: How To Use Egg Incubator Palworld

how to get Pal Fluids Palworld
how to get Pal Fluids Palworld

Palworld is a new game that has been released and a survival game where players must use resources to make ends meet. There are a lot of ways to survive in the game, but you must use the resources to compete in the game. The best way to add more creatures to the game is by making Pal Eggs and by finding out how to get Pal fluids Palworld.

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How To Get Pal Fluids Palworld

There is a total of 100 Pals in the game and players can catch them whenever they feel like. You can catch and breed them to have their eggs. Another way is to use the egg incubator which will speed up the overall process. The eggs will be placed in a safe space and after some time, they will become level one Pal. This will make them a rare item in the game.

The eggs in the game are of various colors and they are classified as rare according to their type. You can even find bigger eggs in the game that will bear bigger rewards but do remember that it will take much more time to hatch than the smaller ones to know how to get Pal Fluids Palworld.

how to get Pal Fluids Palworld
how to get Pal Fluids Palworld

How To Make Egg Incubator

You can only hatch eggs by having a good incubator that will ease the process, but players must know how to build them. You can unlock the egg incubator when you reach level 7 of your character in the game. The tough part about using this incubator is that it is part of the Ancient Technology in the game, and you must get ancient points to use it.

There are several ways through which players can get ancient points and one of them is to defeat the boss at Rayne Syndicate Tower location. You must travel to the location of this tower, and you will find 2 bosses who will be Zoe and Grizzbolt. These will be your first boss in the game, and you can easily defeat them as they won’t pose much of a threat to you.

The key element to defeating them is to know that both of them are weak on the ground and using a Pal which is much more suitable for the ground will benefit you. You can use either Rushoar or Fuddler Pals along with getting the strongest bow in the game. Players must equip enough arrows to defeat both of the bosses.

how to get Pal Fluids Palworld
how to get Pal Fluids Palworld

You will get 5 ancient technology points when you defeat these two bosses, and these points will be enough to use the incubator to find how to get Pal Fluids Palworld. You will require 2 ancient points to unlock the egg incubator. You must remember that each egg incubator will require the following items to use it:

  • 10 Paldium Fragments
  • 5 Pieces of Cloth
  • 30 items of Stone

All these items are required to build one egg incubator. Players need to make a strategy to either use one egg incubator to hatch eggs in batches or make several incubators to have more eggs at the same time. All you need to do is find a suitable place for the egg incubator and then hammer it down at the location to know how to get Pal Fluids Palworld.

How To Use Egg Incubator

When you have constructed the Egg Incubator, you will have the perfect moment to hatch all the eggs gathered during journeys across the Palworld. These eggs should have been collected gradually over some time. The time required for incubation might be different as it depends on certain factors such as the rarity and type of the egg. You can have an idea by the example of a Frozen Egg that benefits from a 100% incubation speed-up because of the colder atmosphere, whereas a Scorching Egg experiences no acceleration in the game to know how to get Pal Fluids Palworld.

how to get Pal Fluids Palworld
How to use Egg Incubator: Pal Fluids Palworld

You can find a lot of different types of eggs in the game and each egg has three types of rarity. All of them are mentioned below so you can see the rarity of the eggs:

  • Dark Egg, Large Dark Egg, Huge Dark Egg
  • Dragon Egg, Large Dragon Egg, Huge Dragon Egg
  • Rocky Egg, Large Rocky Egg, Huge Rocky Egg
  • Electric Egg, Large Electric Egg, Huge Electric Egg
  • Scorching Egg, Large Scorching Egg, Huge Scorching Egg
  • Frozen Egg, Large Frozen Egg, Huge Frozen Egg
  • Verdant Egg, Large Verdant Egg, Huge Verdant Egg
  • Damp Egg, Large Damp Egg, Huge Damp Egg

Players can find the rarity of the egg by looking at the time because the time and rarity of the egg are both dependent on each other to know how to get Pal Fluids Palworld. You can have around 90 seconds to 3 minutes for a first-time egg. Players may find huge eggs to take some hours while some of the stronger eggs may even take up to 40 hours as well.

There is an alternate way to hatch eggs which is to walk along with them, but this method takes a lot of time. Players can save a lot of time by using the incubator and the rate of hatching eggs in the incubator is faster than how you will have to walk with eggs to find how to get Pal Fluids Palworld.

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