Palworld Xbox Series X and S Release Date and Details

Palworld Xbox Series X and S Release Date and Details
Palworld Xbox Series X and S Release Date and Details

When someone thinks of a popular franchise that features several creatures that players can collect and battle with, the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is Pokemon. After all, no IP has been able to come close to matching the level of fame and influence Pokemon has, especially since Digimon left the scene. However, a game called Palworld might have other plans.

Palworld is a brand-new indie action-adventure and survival game by Pocket Pair. While it’s being called “Pokemon With Guns” by many people, no one can deny the incredible amount of anticipation the game had in the years leading up to it since its 2021 announcement. Since Palworld is finally out in early access, Xbox fans in particular are wondering when the game will get an official release date.

The long-awaited Pokemon-like base-builder has finally entered early access to great acclaim, achieving a 92% positive rating on Steam at the time of writing this. The title was announced on June 5, 2021, and entered early access on June 19, 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about Palworld, including what it is and when the official Xbox Series X and S release date for Palworld might be.

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Is Palworld a Pokemon Clone?

Is Palworld like Pokemon?
Is Palworld like Pokemon?

Before we go into details, here is the question of the hour. Is Palworld a Pokemon Clone? Although the creatures in the game are very much like Pokemon, and players can catch them, it’s about the only similarity between the two. Palworld is different due to its survival game nature, featuring mechanics such as base-building, hunger, and crafting.

Speaking of creatures, although Palworld doesn’t have Pokemon for obvious reasons, it does have similar creatures, with some being eerily similar to existing Pokemon. You can catch these creatures and use them to fight enemies, and the best part is that these creatures can do all sorts of work without being asked to do so.

Within the first two days, Palworld has had over 800,000 concurrent players on Steam alone and, at the same time, has had more than one million copies sold. While this doesn’t mean the indie game can hold a candle to Nintendo’s multi-billion dollar franchise, it’s still very impressive for an unknown and new IP to amass so much attention.

Palworld Design and Gameplay Mechanics Details

Palworld Gameplay
Palworld Design

Palworld is very enjoyable in every sense. The world is fresh and beautiful, similar to Breath of the With having a world-building scenario like Minecraft. Throw in the creature-catching element, and the developers at Pocket Pair have created a recipe for success. 

Palworld allows you to build a base, level it up, and modify it to whatever you like. The game has many locations to explore, from mountains to caves, each with unique and rare Pals to catch. Even though the title doesn’t offer many side quests and NPCs, there is a story that you can go through with branching paths that change based on your decisions.

You will need to farm, collect, and create tools. These minor tasks make the game even more engaging. Another thing, your pals can equip guns and help you during a battle, and you can also butcher them for meat and sources.

As of writing this, the game has 111 Pals ranging from 9 different element types. The types in Palworld are Water, Fire, Grass, Ground, Electric, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Neutral. Just like Pokemon, these types are super effective or not very effective depending on their match-ups.

Just like how different Pals have different types, they also have separate abilities with each Pal having a unique trait that can help you with tasks. When I say tasks, I mean things like fighting, building, or mining.

It doesn’t end there as you can do other things with your Pals too, such as riding them and increasing your carrying capacity so you don’t get over-encumbered easily. 

Which Platforms is Palworld on?

Palworld is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S. If you’re subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass then you can play the title through that service as well. While the game isn’t available on PlayStation 5, developer Pocket Pair has confirmed that it will consider PlayStation versions as the game approaches its release.

Since the game is available for Xbox Series X/S during early access, it’s very likely that it’ll also be available when the game launches officially. Although the game does not have an official release date as of right now. Interested fans can buy it and play it on early access. The Xbox Series X and S release date for Palworld will likely also be the same as the PC release date, whenever that may be.

Palworld Multiplayer Gameplay

A Pal from Palworld
A Pal from Palworld

Although the multiplayer aspect of the game is limited right now, the game does have elements. For instance, the title does not have PvP at launch and the official servers are very buggy. You can play PvE with friends by creating a dedicated server yourself but the game recommends that you have a beefy computer to host it so that everyone in the server has a smooth experience. 

Right now, players can either play the game in four-player squads, or they can play with up to 32 players on a single dedicated server. The title does not have cross-play at the moment but Pocket Pair has confirmed that it will be getting that feature as the game develops.

Fans Think Palworld Might Be Better than Pokemon

The game has received lots of acclaim from players and many gamers are claiming that Palworld is what Pokemon should be. According to them, the game is more fun due to its more open-ended nature while simultaneously giving players more traditional Pokemon-like features as well. The many new additions are answering fans’ prayers about what they want in a new Pokemon game and also answering a lot of what-ifs, which lets it garner the attention of many intrigued fans.

With the price tag being $29.99 in a world where AAA games are $69.99, there isn’t much more you can ask for. You get an open-world exploration survival game with 0 microtransactions at half the price of other major titles, which in today’s day and age is a steal. Palworld has the potential to be the next big multiplayer IP. It has everything going for itself, from an attractive art style to a surprisingly vast gameplay set. 

Even though players think that the story and side quests are lackluster, they can always be improved as the game is only in early access. Despite Palworld being very young, it has more positives and negatives. With its increasing popularity within the gaming world, we doubt that this is the last time we hear about this game.

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