The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode Overview [Comprehensive Guide]

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode
The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode Overview

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered will exclusively feature a roguelike survival game mode, No Return. It will offer distinctive gameplay experiences set in familiar levels, encompassing various No Return Challenges.

This guide will provide a detailed breakdown of The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return feature so that you can easily play through the game mode without any hiccups.

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The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Explained

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode
The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode Explained

The newly introduced No Return mode is a roguelike survival game mode within The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, where you will have to choose a character to initiate a run.

It is worth mentioning that each character has unique traits and distinctive starting load-outs. Once you have picked a character, you will embark on a journey through five randomized combat encounters set in well-known locations from the campaign, including Jackson, the Suburbs, the TV Station, the Forest, the Resort, and the Hospital.

Although you will be similar to these locations, it will provide a new experience due to the introduction of four brand-new game modes incorporated into each encounter.

You will have to navigate all five encounters successfully. However, the run will climax with a boss fight featuring one of six memorable adversaries, such as the Arcade Bloater, the Rattler Captain, the Seraphite Elite, or the infamous Rat King.

The boss you will face is determined by your completion of challenges, as completing various challenges will unlock new bosses.

Furthermore, it is imperative to recognize that permanence characterizes death in No Return, as all weapons, resources, items, and upgrades acquired are reset, and a fresh set of randomized maps is generated for each new run.

While each run comprises randomized combat encounters, you have the autonomy to choose which encounters to tackle. There are six potential routes for each run, each offering unique locations, game modes, enemy factions, rewards, and modifications.

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Game Modes

In the Last Of Us Part 2 No Return, a total of four game modes can be played and unlocked across each of the unique encounters. Read on to learn about all four game modes.

1. Assault Mode

This mode is automatically unlocked, and it will unleash groups of enemies spawn. These will spawn in waves, and their knowledge of your position will vary with each encounter.

In order to tackle this mode, you can use the downtime between waves to your advantage and resupply and heal.

2. Hunted Mode 

This mode is also automatically unlocked, and as the name of the mode suggests, it will have you hunted. Basically, in this mode, you will have to survive against enemies who will have continuous reinforcements. You will have to endure till the clock runs out.

3. Hold Out Mode 

The Hold Out Mode is unlocked after 5 runs. In this mode, you and your ally will be up against a swarm of infected. In order to win, you need to save your ally from the infected.

Your best bet is to is to set up your defense using the supplies within the area and avoid yourself and your ally from being killed by the infected.

4. Capture Mode 

This mode will unlock after 7 runs, and this will have you go up against the clock. Here, you will have to reach a safe area heavily guarded by enemies. This safe has valuable resources inside, and it will lock once the timer goes out.

It is recommended to be agile and steal your way to the safe before all the enemies are taken care of. Once you have the safe, you can proceed to defeat the enemies.

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return – The Hideout

The Hideout will play a key role in The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return, as it is the hub where you can prepare for upcoming encounters before proceeding with your run.

Once you’re done with your encounter, you’ll automatically reach back to the Hideout. You will find a loot cache at the Hideout that will have rewards from the encounters and a tool cart where you can claim rewards earned for completing Dead Drops.

Furthermore, the Hideout provides access to two essential features: the Trading Post and the Workbench. These play a pivotal role in upgrading your character and enhancing your overall chances of success.

1. The Trading Post

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode
The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode – Trading Post

The Trading Post can be used to obtain randomized items in exchange for currency. These items include holsters, ammunition, crafting recipes, and weapons.

Although you have the option to use the currency for a single re-roll of the items available in the store, it’s important to note that these items will also be refreshed after each encounter.

2. The Workbench

The Workbench can be used for weapon upgrades at the expense of the Parts that you receive for completing encounters and scavenging in-game.

In addition, you can find the Planning Board at the hideout; it is the place where you will have the option to select your next encounter as you proceed to the final boss.

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return – Gambits, Dead Drops, And Mods

You will unlock Gambits and Dead Drops as you progress through each run. You will unlock Gambits after two runs and Dead Drops after three runs.


The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode
The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode – Gambits Explained

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Gambits are the optional bonus challenges that you will get once per run. These are simple challenges and can reward you handsomely.

Furthermore, the riskier the gamble, the better the rewards it will yield. Therefore, it is entirely worthwhile for your efforts.

Dead Drops

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode
The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode – Dead Drops Explained

Dead Drops will appear randomly during encounters, are identified as blue postal boxes, and can be found using listen mode. When you approach a Dead Drop box, a popup will display a list of requested items.

The rewards from the Dead Drops vary, and they can include new crafting recipes and additional weapons, depending on your luck.


The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode
The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return – Mods Explained

Mods represent pivotal features that demand consideration in both your route and encounter planning, given their capacity to significantly influence the outcome of a run.

The symbol displayed around the edge of the Mod icons represents whether a mod will be an advantage or disadvantage. The symbol will either be slightly green or red. The Green color represents Advantage while the Red stands for Disadvantage.

You should go for the mode if it is an Advantage; otherwise, it is not recommended to pick the mod.

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered – No Return Trophies 

The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return
The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode – All Trophies

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return mode features a total of 13 trophies. These include the following.

1. May Your Survival Be Long
In order to obtain this trophy, you need to win in a Daily Run of No Return mode. The Daily Run is available after attempting nine runs. Moreover, only one attempt is allowed per day, and the run will be abandoned if not completed within 24 hours.

2. True Strength
You need to attain an S rank in an encounter to unlock this trophy.

3. May Your Death Be Swift:
This can be obtained by securing victory in a Daily Run of No Return on Grounded Difficulty.

4. Team Ellie:
To unlock the trophy, accomplish all Ellie faction challenge tracks, unlock the character Dina, skins Plaid and Rain Jacket, and the skin set Savage Starlight.

5. Mixed Bag:
Secure kills with five different weapons in an Assault encounter in No Return mode to obtain the trophy.

6. Good Riddance:
You need to Conquer all bosses, including Arcade Bloater, Theater Infestation, Rattler Captain, Garage Bloater, Seraphite Elite, Rat King, and Randomized Bosses, to unlock the trophy.

7. Become The Hunter:
This trophy will have you eliminate 12 enemies in a Hunted encounter in No Return mode. Simply dispatch enemies during a Hunted encounter until you reach 12 kills in a single run.

8. Got Your Back:
You need to obtain a victory in a Holdout round without allowing your ally’s health to drop below 70% in No Return mode.

9. Roll Call:
Successfully complete a run with every character in No Return mode to unlock this trophy.

10. Team Abby:
Complete all Abby faction challenge tracks, obtaining character Lev, skins Vintage Naughty Dog, and Bomber Abby, and the skin set Badlands to unlock the trophy.

11. Risk Taker:
This trophy will require you to fulfill five gambits in a single run of No Return mode. Gambits are randomly assigned at the start of each encounter, with the task and reward displayed in the top left corner.

12. Modded:
You are required to conclude an encounter with each Mod in No Return mode to unlock this trophy. Mods are designated to various encounters during each run.

13. Burglar:
This trophy can be obtained if you unlock the safe in Capture without engaging enemies in No Return mode.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about The Last Of Us Part 2 No Return Mode. While you’re at it, it is recommended that you check out our detailed guide, Unveiling The Enigmatic Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map [Comprehensive Guide].

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