Persona 6 Will Reportedly Launch On Xbox

The Persona series has had countless titles released among the main series, the original Megami Tensei franchise by Atlus, and various spinoffs. One theme that has been constant in the game series is that the story follows a group of friends in school in their fight against evil. Another thing that is common due to the sheer number of games in the mega-franchise, is the innumerable platforms that it has supported.

All the details we mentioned above are true for the latest release in the series, Persona 3 Reload. While the game has only been out for a short period of time and the gripping ending of the story set in a high school has fans on the edge. There has already been a release of an expansion pack that can increase the enjoyment of the players tenfold. However, that is enough about the past, let us move on to the future.

Persona 6 only has rumors attached to it currently but it might be released sooner than expected and fans are already excited and have a million questions. Something significant that the fans are questioning, is whether Persona 6 will launch on Xbox. Well, we have good news as there has been a report that answers this very question. We will be discussing it and answering this question so the intrigue of the fans is put to rest.

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Will Persona 6 Be Launched On Xbox?

Persona 3 Reload Gameplay
Persona 3 Reload Gameplay

According to the reports of Nate the Hate of the DirectXbox Podcast, Persona 6 is being developed simultaneously for both the PlayStation and the Xbox. He elaborated that while he is unsure whether the game will be released for the Xbox on day one alongside the PlayStation, rest assured it will be launched for the Xbox.

However, looking at past releases he has hypothesized that it is highly likely that the game will be released on both consoles on the same day and date. You should be cautious that this is a leak and not an official report. Earlier this year there were reports of  Persona 6 being a timed Sony exclusive and even Nate himself had corroborated this report.

That being said since the game has a decent amount of time in its release things can change and even reliable sources can be surprised at launch. Furthermore, most people have been looking at the release of Persona 3 Reload which secured a day-one game pass launch. This fuels the notion that Persona 6 should be released cross-platform from day one and all fans will be able to play.

When Will Persona 6 Be Released?

This is a tricky question as there are multiple conflicting reports from various sources about the release date of Persona 6. Something that has been confirmed by multiple sources and the past titles is that the game will once again feature a group of young adults in high school.

Not much has been leaked about the storyline or any other significant detail that will interest the fans. However, it is a reason to rejoice that similar gameplay should be available in Persona 6. As there has been no reliable report of the release date we can not give an exact date or even year but most reports are either saying it will be a 2025 release or 2026.

This will be a notably fast sequel to the Persona 3 Reload but I have a hunch that fans will not be complaining. As they are always ready for the newest and greatest to make their mark and be playable on their Console or PC.

This concludes everything we currently know about Persona 6 launching on Xbox. We discussed a report by a popular reporter who suggested that Persona 6 will launch on Xbox. In addition, we went over the possible release date of the game. For more from GamingFlaws, check out Where To Check The WoW SoD Auction House Prices.

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