WoW SoD Not Working: How To Fix Botting Issue And Bugged Quests [Complete Solution]

WoW SoD Not Working
WoW SoD Not Working: How to Fix Botting Issue And Bugged Quests 

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery is finally out, and you can now enter Azeroth to experience the thrilling adventure. However, the game is off to a rough start, as there are frustrating bugs spoiling the fun.

If you’re having similar sorts of issues, not to worry; this guide will explain the reason for WoW SoD Not Working and how to fix the botting issue in the game.

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Why Is WoW SoD Not Working

WoW SoD Not Working
Why Is WoW SoD Not Working? Explained

The full version of WoW SoD is officially out on 8 February, and you would aspect from any Blizzard Entertainment that there are a number of players trying out the game.

This has put stress on the game servers, making them slow and, in some scenarios, not working at all. Therefore, a number of players are unable to access the game.

It is usual for any new release to have such issues. However, those who have gotten into the game have also complained about various issues, and a number of players are complaining WoW SoD is Not Working.

There are a number of bugs currently in the game; some require specific fixes by the developers, while others can be fixed by following a few steps. If you’re wanting to fix such issues and bugs, read on to find out.

How To fix WoW SoD Bugged Quests

WoW SoD Not Working
WoW SoD Not Working: How To fix WoW SoD Bugged Quests

When you encounter a bug in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, your first step should be to restart your User Interface. You can do this by either logging out of the game and then logging back in to reload the game the traditional way.

Alternatively, to save time, you can simply type /reload to restart the game UI without having to exit the game. This should fix any error you have been facing.

However, if you are unable to track your progress in a specific quest or if you’re unable to turn in a completed quest, you should have to quit that quest and restart it to fix all issues.

This step will cause you to lose all your progress in that quest, so you should rely on this step as a last resort and rely on restarting the game primarily.

The majority of quests in WoW SoD are bugged due to the large number of players currently trying to access the game.  The stress this puts on the SoD servers has resulted in technical issues with the UI.

WoW SoD Not Working: Botting Issue

WoW SoD Not Working
WoW SoD Not Working: Botting Issue Explained

In WoW SoD beta, bots were a frustrating issue, as they slowed down the game servers. The botting issue in the game is predominantly in the form of Hunters and pets.

These are identified by Hunters having strange names and pets with Chinese characters. Additionally, they are mages who will be stuck attacking the new frozen mobs.

This issue is because of the gold-buying behavior among players to progress fast in the game. While no measures were taken by Blizzard Entertainment to stop this issue.

The full release of the game will fix this issue and put a limit on the number of bot accounts on the servers to provide a smooth gameplay experience.

That is all there is to know about the WoW SoD Not Working issue and how to fix the Botting Issue And Bugged Quests. While you’re at it, make sure to check out our detailed guide, Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Walkthrough: How Long Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 [Complete Walkthrough].

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