Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes: All The Latest Updates [Gameplay, Bugs, Issues Faced By Players]

Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes
Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes

Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm because the developers have just announced they have achieved 19 million overall sales in Xbox and Steam combined. The developers are also focusing on the current issue within the game, and they have launched a Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes update on Steam. A similar patch will be updated for the Steam users as well. Read the article to know all about the new updates in Palworld.

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Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes

The new patch has a size of 1.2 GB for Steam users, and it has a lot of fixes for the issues within the game. You can find all the fixes below, so give them a good read.

Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes
Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes

The Basic Fixes of Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes

  • The basic issue where the game was continuously crashing without any reason has been fixed.
  • The game would lose all the saved data when players had captured around 7000 Pals, and this crashed the game as well. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Another issue has been fixed where the enemies would be stuck in the surrounding walls when any kind of charge attacks are carried out on them.
  • Also fixed the bug where a Pal could be captured by a sphere when its health was around 30% or even less than that in the new Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes.
  • At times the saved data within the game would not load and this caused players not to be able to play the saved rounds. This issue has been fixed and no problem is faced now.

Additions in the Patch Update

  • New support for the side keys of the mouse has been added and this also includes the numeric keyword on your system as well in Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes.
  • The developers might further add support for interacting with key configurations in the future so stay tuned.
Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes
Patch Notes

Issues related to Gameplay

  • The game has taken several measures that can be used to prevent Pals within the base from getting stuck.
  • The key command to summon Pals has been adjusted from F to V (Pad: X to Y). This can serve as a safety measure to prevent unintended accidents.
  • Developers have made some modifications which has ensured that all the manually assigned Pals at breeding farms remain adequately nourished and that their assignments persist without interference in new Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes.
  • A resolution has been applied to address an issue where manual work assignments were impossible under specific circumstances.
  • A reduction in the speed and range of fire propagation on wooden structures has been implemented for enhanced safety.
  • The occurrence of high-level Relaxaurus attacking the base during raids has been rectified.
  • An issue causing Pals to become immobilized while transporting items and subsequently dropping them on the spot has been resolved.
  • The game has also addressed a problem where Pals within the base would persist in cutting down already felled trees in new Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes.
  • Fixed an anomaly where Pals within the base would exhibit unusual floating behavior under certain conditions.
  • The new patch has also resolved an issue where Pals at the base faced imminent danger from unexplained falling damage.
  • The game has corrected a situation where constructing a farm on the second floor or above hindered the movement of work Pals on lower floors.
Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes
Palworld 1.4.0 Patch Notes

Issues Faced by Players

  • The game has addressed a concern where damage was being inflicted twice on players participating in dedicated servers and co-op (online).
  • Developers have also modified specifications to allow movement at an exceptionally low speed, even when surpassing the weight limit.
  • The new patch has implemented a fix to prevent players from passing through walls upon dismounting in new Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes.
  • It has also resolved an issue where the enhancement of capture power through Lifmunk Effigies was reset when utilizing memory reset drugs.
  • Now, the new patch has corrected an anomaly where armor could be incorrectly equipped in the wrong slot.
  • It has made adjustments to the camera positions of various Pals to enhance visibility when mounted.

Changes related to Keyword

  • The game has activated additional options for keyboard/mouse inputs in the key binding configuration.
  • Developers have made new support that has been extended to side mouse buttons and numpad keys in the current implementation.
  • The patch has implemented measures to ensure that Pals designated for breeding tasks will not experience hunger within the game in Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes.
  • A fix has been made to mitigate accidents, the key bind for lifting Pals has been altered from F to V on the keyboard.

Fixes related to Pals and Base

  • The game has diminished the range and speed of fire spread specifically for wooden structures.
  • It has resolved a problem associated with charge attacks, preventing enemy Pals from being trapped within walls.
  • Developers have addressed concerns leading to base Pals encountering issues such as getting stuck and facing challenges with item transportation.
  • The patch has fixed an issue wherein exceptionally high-level Relaxaurus would initiate attacks on the base during raids in Palworld 1.4.0 patch notes.
  • It has implemented fixes for various bugs linked to base Pal hunger, falling damage, floating, pathfinding, and related issues.

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