Best Breeding Combos Palworld: Best Fighting Pals

Best Breeding Combos Palworld Best Fighting Pals
Best Breeding Combos Palworld Best Fighting Pals

As you know, there’s more to Palworld than just catching and taming Pals, like perhaps breeding your already-owned Pals to create the best one. To create one super Pal, you’ll need to combine the strengths of your other Pals to make hybrids of sorts with unique abilities and stats, to make them strong and helpful in multiple ways. 

Whether you prefer raw power or agility, there’s a fighting Pal combo out there that would be specific to your exact needs. It could be perhaps that you want your new bred Pal to be a powerhouse in dealing damage, but maybe you want to keep your distance? Well, you can trade it off for lesser damage. Either way, you still have options.

Today, we’re here to go through the best breeding combos in Palworld that will give you some high-quality fighting Pals. Any one of these breeding combos can be used to acquire a Pal that can take the fight to the enemy.

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What is Breeding in Palworld?

What is breeding in Palworld
What is breeding in Palworld?

Before we move on, let’s first understand what exactly is Breeding in Palworld. Simply put, it’s when you put two compatible Pals in a Breeding Farm. After some time, an egg will appear that will contain the combination of the two chosen Pals, which inherits a mixture of abilities from both of them, like their species, stats, and abilities. However, an important thing to note is that some new Pals won’t necessarily contain the abilities of their parents but rather, bring out entirely new traits, adding some randomness to the mix. 

How to Breed in Palworld?

Now that we know what exactly breeding is, here’s what you need to do. The first thing you need to make is a Breeding Farm. To get a Breeding Farm, you need to be level 19 and then unlock it using two of your Technology Points, and then select the Mixed Farm option. After you unlock the farm, you need to build it using 100 Wood, 20 Stone, and 50 Fiber. Do keep in mind that Breeding Farms are big so make sure you have the space for it.

Next, you need to ensure that the two Pals you have chosen are compatible for breeding. Make sure they’re male and female, then check their PalDex entries for compatibility. Once you’ve made sure that they’re compatible, assign both of your Pals to the Mixed Farm by throwing them into their designated spots.

Once your pals have been assigned, you need to wait for a bit for them to do their thing so you can go do other stuff while they breed. Once they’ve bred successfully, an egg will appear in the Breeding Farm which you need to collect. Now that you have your egg, you need to put it in an incubator and a timer should show up. These times will be different depending on what combination of Pals you chose earlier. All that’s left is waiting for the timer to finish, and once it has, Congratulations! You have a brand new Pal that’s ready to be trained or put to work.

Best Breeding Combos for Fighting Pals

Best breeding combos in Palworld
Best breeding combos in Palworld

Now that we know how to breed, let’s get down to what you all have been waiting for, the Pal combinations! Here are some of the best combos to consider:

Wumpo Botan

Wumpo Botan is a very useful Fusion Pal, thanks to it being a Grass variant of the Wumpo Pal and having high stats. This ally also has a large number of moves. You can get Wumpo Botan by mixing Penking and Mossanda.


Anubis is usually known as found at Level 50 as an Alpha Boss fight, but do you know you can acquire it through breeding as well? Yep! All you need to do is combine a Ragnahawk with a Tombat, and you’ve got Anubis. You can also have Penking and Bushi as parents to get Anubis.


This electric type Pal comes in handy thanks to its arsenal and stats, as it comes with Handiwork Level 2, Transporting Level 3, Lumbering Level 2, and Electricity Level 4 and a minigun in their shoulder!  You can get Grizzbolt by breeding Mossanda and Rayhound. 


This flying type Pal is one of the fastest ways to traverse the land. You can get it by breeding the Anubis you made earlier with a Vanwyrm. With this flame-flying Pal, you can combine its traversal utility with its damage stats to beat hard bosses you find late-game.


So for Jormuntide, the insanely strong water type that’s basically a Gyarados. You can breed Sweepa and Beakon to get it. Jormuntide is acquirable through boss fights, but you’re better off breeding to obtain it.

Frostallion Noct

Let’s end this with Frostallion Noct, easily one of the strongest Pals to have in your arsenal. This legendary status Pal will give you a boost in power so it will be handy no matter what your team composition is. You can get the Frostallion Noct by mixing Frostallion and Helzephyr.

This concludes our guide on the best breeding combos in Palworld to acquire the best fighting Pals in the game. Have you found any of these Pals in the wild? Let us know, and tell us which of these combos was your favorite in the process. For a similar guide, we recommend you check out our guide on Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding – Complete Guide.

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