Palworld Steam Charts: How Many Palworld Active Players Are There?

Palworld Steam Charts
Palworld Steam Charts

Palworld took the world by storm thanks to its mixture of catching monsters like Pokemon and surviving an open world like other survival games. The game has unique features like befriending monsters, breeding them, and using them to do chores around your base. It went #1 on Steam for some time and had the 2nd highest peak in Steam at around 2 million concurrent players. 

However, after just a few months of the game coming to early access, the concurrent player base had a major dip in quantity. Palworld went from about 2 million concurrent players to about only 415 thousand. That’s still a big number don’t get us wrong, but it’s definitely much smaller than its peak and how much it was getting earlier. Let’s discuss what happened and what Pocket Pair can do to recover from such a huge loss.

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What were the highest peak concurrent players of Palworld?

Palworld steam charts
Palworld Steam Charts

As we mentioned earlier, Palworld hit a little over 2 million players, turning it into the second-highest peak Steam has seen, with the top spot going to PUBG before dropping to 415 thousand. This drop represents an almost 80% decline which is a huge difference, even larger than the drop in PUBG experienced, and we’re sure you and other players are skeptical regarding the title’s future because of it.

Why has the Palworld Player Base Dropped?

palworld mammorest
Palworld: Fighting Mammorest

As we mentioned above, the Palworld player base has dropped by a large amount in just a couple of weeks. Many factors contribute to Palworld’s falling player base, such as:

Limited content

Since the game is just an early-access title, it has very little content, causing Palworld to get stale and monotonous. While the core gameplay was enjoyable, it wasn’t enough to make the low amount of stuff in the game good enough. So fans who wanted new experiences went to play other games.

Issues and glitches

Another big problem the game faces is that it is insanely glitchy, with people experiencing lots of crashes and game-breaking bugs. In addition to that, the game has subpar optimization, which is a huge concern. Some users even reported that Palworld bricked their graphics cards, rendering them useless.

Lack of updates

While the game had lots of support and popularity at the start of its life, the slow rate of updates and its infrequency are hurting the game’s player count a lot.


One thing Palworld needs to consider is the fact that other games are always coming out, which might take the spotlight. An example of a new spotlight is Enshrouded, another game that’s been getting popular recently due to its mechanics and take on the survival genre.

Dying Out Fad

Finally, perhaps the biggest reason Palworld’s player base saw such a big decline was because its popularity was only a fad. With so many people all over the internet talking about it, we have no doubt that several players only bought the game thanks to the fear of missing out.

However, now that the fad has died down, players are going back to the games they typically play and uninstalling or leaving Palworld until it goes viral again.

How can Palworld recover?

Palworld Gameplay
Palworld Gameplay

Although Palworld’s future is uncertain, the game has a couple of things going for it now, like partnering with Xbox, which will no doubt help it with things like servers and optimization. There are some other things Pocket Pair should also do to bring back the player base. This involves:

Fixing technical issues and bugs

Pocket Pair needs to fix many of the issues currently present in the game so that players have a better and smoother experience. These fixes might encourage older players to return to the game as well.

Adding content

They should add regular content to the game, similar to Fortnite. Adding stuff like new areas, Pals, and features will help too. Plus adding in PvP is also an option, as it would give players a reason to stick around and make others return for it.

Increase communication

As of writing this, Pocket Pair doesn’t deliver players with a lot of info, just the bare minimum. We believe that engaging with the community and interacting with players regarding issues will build trust between the company and the player base, which will help the game.

For now, only time will tell if Palworld will make a huge comeback, or if it will go to being a small internet sensation like other indie games in the past few years. While the game is still going strong, albeit not as strong as it was before, we recommend you check out guides on how to catch the best Pals in the game like Pyrin Noct and Suzaku Aqua.

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