Both Of The GTA 6 Main Characters

Ever since fans have seen the GTA 6 trailer the excitement for the game has increased tenfold. While some fans have been wondering whether GTA 6 will be released on the Xbox Series S others have been wanting to know it will be released on the PlayStation

The GTA 6 in-game world and map is touted to be the largest of any Grand Theft Auto game, and based on the only trailer released, it looks beautiful. Some other things shown in the trailer were some flashes of the story and the characters. While fans don’t have too much information on the game yet, one thing is guaranteed, the wait for the game will be well worth it as GTA 6 is the most expensive game in the GTA series

The story seems to be similar to older GTA games but the most talked about thing right now is the first alleged female playable character. We will be going over who the main characters are in GTA 6 and whether it has the first female protagonist in the GTA series.

Who Is The Protagonist In GTA 6?

Both Of The GTA 6 Main Characters
Both Of The GTA 6 Main Characters

Rockstar introduced multiple playable characters in the GTA series from GTA 5 and will continue the tradition with the GTA 6. Players will be able to switch between the playable characters by pressing down on the D-Pad. There are two protagonists in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, a male and a female. 

Based on the official GTA 6 trailer, Jason, the male protagonist, and Lucia, the Latina female protagonist, are in a relationship and will break out of prison at the beginning of the game to explore the Florida-based city. A brief glimpse of the story was shown in the trailer and it can be inferred that the story is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.

This is not too far off from the previous Grand Theft Auto titles, as most of them had major themes of crimes and revenge. The same will most probably be seen in GTA 6, which is no surprise as it is one of the most loved things about the GTA series.

Is Lucia The First Female Protagonist In The GTA Series?

Lucia the female protagonist of GTA 6
Lucia the female protagonist of GTA 6

While most fans are very excited about Lucia being the first female protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series, that is not the reality. Lucia is not the first playable female character or even the first female main character in the GTA universe. The first or the first 4 playable female characters were introduced within the first Grand Theft Auto game itself.

However, anyone who has been playing GTA since the first game will know the characters lacked depth and were mere names rather than actually fleshed-out protagonists. Even GTA 2 had female characters you could play as, but similar to the first game, the characters lacked personality and had no real differences from their male counterparts. 

This changed with GTA Online to some extent as we were introduced to the most popular technical GTA female character. When you first start playing GTA Online you get the option of playing as either a male or female. While the female character in GTA Online did not talk or have much personality, she did react and laugh or smile on occasion. However, this shouldn’t count as players can customize their characters in GTA Online in whatever way they want.

With GTA 6 all of this is set to change as Lucia will have a proper backstory with the ability to talk and show her personality, so the hype surrounding the “first female protagonist of GTA” is not wrong.

This concludes everything we currently know about both of the playable protagonists or main characters in GTA 6. We let you know that there are two protagonists in the game, one male and the other female. The female protagonist is the most fleshed-out female main character in the GTA series. For more from GamingFlaws, check out the Full List Of GTA 5 Main Story Missions.

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