Epic Mickey Rebrushed Release Date: Can You Get Rebrushed On Steam?

Epic Mickey Rebrushed Release Date: Can You Get Rebrushed On Steam?
Epic Mickey Rebrushed Release Date: Can You Get Rebrushed On Steam?

The early 2010s was a weird time for gaming, as several IPs that have achieved untouchable status now had licensed games made by third-party developers. One of those games was Epic Mickey, an action-adventure platform video game developed by Junction Point Studios and published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Wii.

Well, the 21 February 2024 Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase revealed that a remake of the classic game was in the works and would be released soon. While the stream didn’t reveal the exact release date for when fans can get their hands on the game, because it was revealed in a Nintendo-handled event, several fans are confused about which platforms the game will be coming out on.

So, to clear up any confusion, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about Epic Mickey Rebrushed, including what we know about its release date and if it’ll come to non-Nintendo stores like Steam.

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What is the Epic Mickey Rebrushed Release Date?

Epic Mickey Rebrushed gameplay
Epic Mickey Rebrushed gameplay

The Nintendo partner showcase didn’t reveal the exact release date for Epic Mickey Rebrushed. However, we do know that it’s scheduled to be released “later in 2024.” While the release window is rather vague, especially since the game was revealed in just the second month of 2024, fans are happy to know that they won’t have to wait over a year to play the game.

What’s New in Epic Mickey Rebrushed

Epic Mickey Rebrushed enemies
Epic Mickey Rebrushed enemies

Epic Mickey Rebrushed is a “faithful remake” of the original classic 2010 version that was stranded on the Nintendo Wii for over a decade. The graphical changes aren’t all the game is getting, however.

The reveal trailer for Epic Mickey Rebrushed revealed that Mickey can now aim his paintbrush and thinner without motion controls, which means this change is similar to when The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was ported to the Switch for the HD Remastered version.

Additionally, it was revealed that the remake gives Mickey several new abilities, such as dashing, ground-pounding, and sprinting. While this is all the reveal trailer gave fans information on, we wouldn’t be surprised if the developers, THQ Nordic, added other additions to the ground-up remake.

While additions are well and good, some fans pointed out that it means the comment of the remake being a “faithful remake” is inaccurate. However, the trailer suggests that the game will retain its dark themes and colors, and we’re sure the overall story will be the same too, making this, in a way, a faithful remake.

What is the Story of Epic Mickey Rebrushed?

Without giving any spoilers to those who will play the Epic Mickey game for the first time, we thought we’d give a short rundown of the Epic Mickey plot so you could know what you’re getting into before you preorder it.

The game begins with Mickey Mouse, in a classic Mickey Mouse fashion, getting into a little bit of trouble after he sneaks into Yen Sid’s workshop, picks up a magic paintbrush, and accidentally creates the Shadow Blot. He’s then sucked into a dark realm filled with rejected Disney characters in an attempt to get rid of the blot once and for all.

Those who are fans of either the classic Disney games/shows or just love Kingdom Hearts will be glad to know that there are several references and cameos from Disney. One example is Yen Sid, who plays the role of a sort of teacher for Sora and the gang in the Kingdom Hearts game.

Epic Mickey Rebrushed Platforms

Walt Disney statue in Epic Mickey Rebrushed
Walt Disney statue in Epic Mickey Rebrushed

Since the Epic Mickey Rebrushed reveal trailer was first streamed during a Nintendo-based event, many fans have assumed that the game would be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, especially since the original only came out for the Nintendo Wii.

However, fret not, gamers of other platforms, as it was later revealed that the game would be released for other platforms too. These platforms include PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, making it the first time this Epic Mickey game would be coming to other platforms, albeit the remake instead of the original.

Can You Get Epic Mickey Rebrushed On Steam

While it’s a given that Epic Mickey Rebrushed would be coming to the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store for both the PlayStation and Xbox versions respectively, what about the PC version?

Since there are several in-game stores players can typically purchase PC games from, we’re glad to report that Epic Mickey Rebrushed will be purchasable on Steam. As a matter of fact, the game is available to preorder right now.

This concludes everything you need to know about both Epic Mickey Rebrushed as well as which platforms it’ll be coming out for. Are you excited to play this game for the first time, or did you get the chance to experience the original for the Wii? For more from GamingFlaws, check out Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Update Adds Junon And Graphical Changes.

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