Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Metacritic Score And Fan Reception

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s Metacritic score
Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s Metacritic score

It seems as though nothing is going well for Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. What was once a beloved gaming studio pumping out games for what most still consider to be the best superhero franchise of all time, the Batman Arkham Games is now a shadow of its former self.

Why has such a downfall happened? Well, while there have indeed been some changes in the studio in regards to the staff, perhaps the biggest reason is that the studio shifted from developing high-quality single-player games to making games as service games that, while giving the studio more money, also sap some of the soul out of the game. After all, how else would the studio make money, right?

If you disagree with our take that’s completely fine. However, we’re here to go through the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Metacritic score and overall response from fans all over the world to the game’s release.

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What is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

What is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
What is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Before we get into what its Metacritic score might be and its fan reception, we need to understand what exactly Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is. Well, it’s a multiplayer 4-player PvE third-person shooter based on the DC Comics team Suicide Squad which is a small squad comprising various villains. It’s an open-world title made with Unreal Engine 4. 

The game is a live-service title, meaning it’s designed for continuous support after its launch. For example, the game will get in-game events, regular content, and more after its release in order to keep the game fresh and monetizable.

Suicide Squad will have you control four characters from the villainous team, including Joker’s mistress Harley Quinn, the world’s deadliest assassin Deadshot, an ancient Shark king’s descendant King Shark, and the Australian Captain Boomerang. The game takes place in Metropolis, which is taken over by Brainiac. Alongside that, the Justice League is also under mind control, so you as the Suicide Squad go and save them from the alien villain. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League takes place in the Arkhamverse, which makes it canon to the previous Batman Arkham games. What sets Suicide Squad apart from the Arkham games, besides the fact that it’s a third-person shooter instead of an action combat game, is that it’s the first time we see Rocksteady’s take on other DC characters that aren’t related to Batman. The game is releasing on February 2nd, 2024, for the Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Metacritic Response

suicide squad response
Suicide Squad Metacritic Response

As of writing this article, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a Metacritic score of 61 Based on 7 reviews, meaning the game has a mixed reception from a critical standpoint. This score is much lower than other Rocksteady titles. Like how Rocksteady’s magnum opus Batman: Arkham City, which has an astounding score of 96. The reason behind this score comes from critics mentioning how this game is too repetitive and has a disappointing story. 

Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Good?

The game had many controversies leading to its release, causing it to have a bad taste in most fans’ mouths from the get-go. It being a live-service title, the fact it’s a looter shooter, it being set in the Arkhamverse, and much more had players skeptical of its quality.

As for the game itself, fans who tried the alpha and the early access said that while the game is fun, the mission structure gets too repetitive which leads to the game just being boring. Not only that, but some of the character’s traversal mechanics aren’t as fun as compared to their other team members. 

Another thing that soured people’s expectations of the game was due to major story elements leaking before its release, garnering a less-than-stellar reception by the players. The game is one of Kevin Conroy’s final performances as Batman, and treating Batman with such distaste left a bad impression on fans of the late voice actor. Similar to what happened to The Last of Us 2, most fans despised the direction of the story and how it treats already established characters.

An issue that PC players face is that the game has demanding system requirements. Those requirements mixed with Rocksteady’s portfolio when it comes to PC ports have PC fans skeptical of the game’s release. Also, Rocksteady adding Denuvo the game right before launch, an anti-tamper DRM that ruins gaming performance, adds to players’ already increasing skepticism.

The last big problem people have with the game is the fact that it costs $69.99. While it is the norm now, it’s troubling for fans that they have to pay this much for the base game. Then, on top of the base game, also have to pay for microtransactions, further increasing the total cost of the title. For players who want to play the game a few days early, they have to pay an extra $30 which brings the cost up to $79.99, causing further divide.

Some players say that the game has highlights too, like the characters are voiced really well, and the in-game models are well-made as well. The interactions between each of the villains also feel very natural, but these aren’t enough to make the game great.

Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Set in the Arkhamverse?

Is Suicide Squad in the Arkhamverse?
Is Suicide Squad in the Arkhamverse?

Yes, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set in the Arkhamverse, and takes place years after the events of Batman Arkham Knight. The game has multiple references to previous titles of the series, which reminds players of what came before this game. 

A big example is the return of Riddler Trophies, where the Riddler’s role is reprised by Wally Wingert. However, even though the game takes place in the Arkhamverse, its overall tone and characters are much different than the previous games, which makes Suicide Squad a different experience.

That was everything to know about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Metacritic reviews. Admittedly, the initial response to the game’s release isn’t looking good. However, we’re hopeful that Rocksteady redeems itself in front of the fans in some way. If you’ve already grabbed the game, then check out Suicide Run Mission In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League [Complete Guide].

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