Palworld Pals That Look Like Pokemon

Palworld Pals That Look Like Pokemon
Palworld Pals That Look Like Pokemon

Palworld has taken the entire gaming world by storm thanks to its unique take on the classic Pokemon gameplay and formula. However, while the game does indeed have the nickname of “Pokemon with Gun,” how similar to Nintendo’s IP is it?

Today, we’re here to delve into some of the most popular Palworld Pals who look like Nintendo’s Pokemon. By going through this list, we aim to gauge just how much the popular game has taken from the multi-billion dollar franchise, and if the whole Nintendo suing Palworld even makes sense.

So, if you want to know about the most popular Palworld Pals that look like Pokemon, all you have to do is keep reading.

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Pals that Look Like Pokemon

Anibus in Palworld
Anibus in Palworld

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the Pals who look dangerously similar to existing Pokemon, either by design or lore.

Sparkit and Pikachu

Just looking at its colors and electric-shaped tail, it’s clear that this little thing is Palworld’s version of a Pikachu. That’s not all, as both of them are electric-type species as well. One of the few things that differentiate both of them is the fact that Sparkit walks on two feet, instead of Pikachu, which walks around on all of its feet.

Direhowl and Lycanroc

These wolf species look pretty much identical. Both show off dual-colored fur, big jaws, and their sharp claws. There’s not much more to say when you look at them side-by-side. Direhowl’s more fluffy hair near its head is the only thing that sets it apart from Lycanroc.

Robinquill and Decidueye

Robinquill, the Pal that goes for the bow-and-arrow vibe, and Decidueye, the Pokemon that goes for the bow-and-arrow vibe, are both archer birds with a similar scheme. Their colors, the way they stand, and other small details clearly show that Decidueye was a clear inspiration for Robinquill.

Wumpo Botan and Tangrowth

Now we’ve got Wumpo Botan, the bulky grass-type, and Tangrowth, the evolution of Tangela, who share a similar round body shape, eyes that peak out, and maroon-colored nails. Both of them are very similar albeit their overall colors are a bit different and Wumpo Botan has a leaf near its mouth, unlike Tangrowth.

Grizzbolt and Electabuzz

Next up is Grizzbolt and Electabuzz, the electric-type species. Both of them show us a yellow color scheme, big claws, and even the fact they both walk on two legs. The only way someone can separate the two is by looking at Electabuzz’s fangs as Grizzbolt doesn’t have them.

Anubis and Lucario

We all knew these two were going to show up eventually. Both sport the dog head with big ears, using sorts of aura to blast their opponents. The fact that their color schemes are pretty similar too and both are martial artists drives home their similarities.

Grintale and Meowth

These two aren’t exactly identical to each other overall, but it is hard to deny that Grintale took inspiration from Meowth. Grintale sports similar fur to the Galarian version of Meowth, and both of their faces are eerily similar, to the point where it looks like Grintale straight-up copied Meowth’s features. 

Jormuntide and Gyarados

Let’s end this with Jormuntide and Gyarados, the two serpent-looking water types. There isn’t much to say here either, besides Jormuntide having yellow stripes here and there and a smaller beak, they both look exactly alike.

Is Palworld Better Than Pokemon?

Palworld title screen
Palworld title screen

It’s time for the million dollar question; is Palworld better than Pokemon? Well, that’s a tough one to answer for more than one reason. For starters, calling a game subjectively better than another game is borderline impossible, as these things are in the realm of subjectivity.

Additionally, while Palworld does indeed borrow a bunch of things from the billion dollar Nintendo franchise Pokemon, that doesn’t mean it’s a one by one copy. As a matter of fact, one might argue that Palworld has much more going for it when compared to Pokemon as it’s more adult targeted and has some themes that Pokemon would never ever add like slavery.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Palworld also takes a lot of mechanics from other games that are unrelated to Pokemon. These include survival games and exploration games. With Palworld being a mesh of so many different types of games, it’s hard to call it better than anything as it’s technically a one of a kind game that really can’t be compared to anything else.

With this, we’re done with our list of some of the most popular Pals in Palworld who look like Pokemon. Did you catch a Pal who looked strikingly similar to a Pokemon that you thought you were in the wrong game? Do let us know in the comments below. If you’re interested in some more Palworld content, check out Palworld Dungeon Crash Error Fix And Dungeon Locations.

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