When did GTA 6 Start Development? How long Did It take?

When did GTA 6 start development

It has been the talk of the town about when did GTA 6 start development on the game that is currently being scheduled to be revealed in 2025. The GTA 6 has been a trending topic since the trailer of the game was released a few weeks ago. There is a lot of fanbase of the GTA as it is an open-world game and players all around the world are excited to play the newer version.

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When did GTA 6 start development

As the game has been scheduled for 2025, fans are wondering when did GTA 6 start development for this new game that will be released worldwide. Since the games of GTA are long and much fun anticipated that requires a lot of time for the game to be designed. The older version of the game also took a lot of years the development. GTA 4 began its development in 2004 and GTA 5 was started in 2008. Therefore, it took 4 years for GTA 4 to be developed and 5 years for the GTA 5.

When did GTA 6 start development
When did GTA 6 start development

The game, GTA 6 will be launched on both PS5 and Xbox series of X/S. The statement of the press release came out which stated: “GTA 6 is coming to PlayStation 5 computer entertainment systems and Xbox Series X|S games and entertainment systems in 2025.” Currently, the game is not going to be released on PS4 or Xbox One now. Maybe in the future, the developers might make an exception and announce that the game to be released on other platforms apart from the current gen of consoles.

According to this trend, it must take the GTA 6 more than 5 years as to when did GTA 6 start development. An employee who used to work for Grand Theft Auto has revealed on his Rockstar employee’s LinkedIn profile that the newer version of GTA 6 has been in the works from 2015-2018. This gives us a clear indication that the game has been in the works since 2015. It can be rightly said that GTA 6 will be much better than the previous versions as it will consist of higher graphics, a good storyline, and animation.

The news can be confirmed by an ex-member of the Rockstar Research Video Editor Jon Young who left the company in 2018 after working for 13 years. He has confirmed that the development of the game started by the spring of 2015.

The editor also revealed big news that the game, Bully 3 might also be revealed to the world in the coming days. His work was mostly about “internal journalism.” Being an editor, Jon Young was involved in projects from an early time where he often went to various locations of the set. The GTA is also believed to be set in the modern day of Vice City.

Coming back to the GTA 6, it can easily be said that the newer version has been in the works for twice the time as the previous one. There is no doubt that with such a long time of release of GTA 6, the game developers of the Grand Theft Auto won’t disappoint and will meet the fan’s expectations. The CEO also expects the game to break new records and hopes that it will get the fame it deserves to get.

What is the exact release date?

Another news involves someone saying that the game developers of GTA 6 are looking to target the holiday of 2024. Now, it is quite early to say that the game will be released in the next year, but any possibility is open for now. It might be a good surprise for the fans if the game is released earlier than expected.

When did GTA 6 start development
Presenting the GTA 6 which is one of the most fan favorite game

A lot of time is being taken to develop GTA 6 as the success of GTA 5 was enormous. This was followed by the release of the Red Dead Redemption 2 which was also a hit. The producers didn’t want the trend of GTA 5 to end but after so many years, they had to take the step of introducing the newer version about when did GTA 6 start development.

In the end, players should be happy as GTA 6 has introduced a new character, is also returning to the city of Vice City, and the game uses new-gen graphics as well. Although the exact year for the release date of GTA 6 is announced which is 2025 the month or even the exact day is not revealed yet. The developers might reveal it as the time for release approaches. The fans are always excited about the game and the developers of Grand Theft Auto might give further information in the coming months so just stay tuned and wait for the game to be released.

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