Board Kings Diamond: How to Get free Diamond hack

The Board Kings has a lot of hacks and the best way to not spend money in this game is by using the free diamond hack. This way, you can get your hands on the diamonds and use them to buy items in the Board Kings.

What are Diamonds used for?

Board Kings Diamond is a currency in the Board Kings which can you a lot of items and use for special occasions as well. Some of the uses can be to buy buildings, get out of jail, and even release some of the captured buildings as well. Buildings always require Diamonds when you are either buying them or even when you are replacing them.

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These diamonds can also be used to boost the speed of rebuilding the destroyed ones. This will aid you to reduce the time for the building to be functional. However, obtaining the diamonds is a hard task and it can be gained through some rare moments.

Board Kings Diamond
Board Kings Diamond: How to get

How to Get Free Diamonds Hack

This hack will be a game-changing feature for you as you can get your hands on the diamonds without spending much money. The best way is to use the promotional offer where you must get access to Premium boosters. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get a free diamond hack.

  1. Press the “Acquire Gems Now” option.
  2. Complete promotional offers from our sponsors for a 24-hour subscription to GoCheat Premium Boosters.
  3. Look for the Board Kings game within the GoCheat.
  4. Insert your in-game ID or the Username that you have set in the game.
  5. Select the “Proceed” button.

As soon as you have done all the above steps, you should close the game and open it again. After opening, just wait for a while and you will notice that the diamonds will begin to increase.

Board Kings Diamond
Board Kings Diamond hack

Other Methods to Get Diamonds in Board Kings

There are some alternate ways that can get you some of the Board Kings Diamond but for them, players need to earn them by working hard. Some of the ways require less effort and time. Others might require more time but those are worth it as you will get more diamonds through those methods.

Game on Pink Tiles

The Board Kings has several mini-games so players get a chance to get some rewards. Some of these games like the game on the pink tile will get you diamonds in return. You just have to complete the game and win it to get some of the diamonds.

Chance Tiles

This is another place where you can get some of the diamonds. All you have to do is to go on any tile that you chose and some of those tiles will reward you with diamonds. These tiles are colored in blue and it has a question mark above it. Try all the tiles to get some of the diamonds.

Visiting boards of Other Players

When you see other boards, you can give them a visit. Upon landing the tiles of other player’s boards, you can get diamonds in return. The number of diamonds you receive can vary from player to player.


When you upgrade the buildings, you will get some diamonds in return. These upgrades do require you to spend money but it is worth it as you can expand the city and get Diamonds in rewards.

Town Hall

Sometimes, the town hall provides you with diamonds. All you need to do is check the town hall from time to time and get diamonds when they are available. This is one of the smartest and easiest ways to increase the amount of diamonds.

Best Ways to spend Board Kings Diamonds

Using Board Kings Diamond on every occasion can be a bad idea and players need to figure out a strategy to use them wisely. These diamonds are rare to obtain so use them on special occasions only. Some of the best ways to spend your Board Kings diamonds are mentioned below.

Using as Booster

Use the diamonds to buy boosters which are helpful as they increase the chance for you to land on the correct tiles. These boosters also speed up the progress of the game which can be beneficial for you.


You can invest your diamonds in the right landmarks which can make your board much better looking and it is a way to increase your currency as well. These investments can be helpful to you in the long run as later on, it will aid you in having a better economy.

Escaping jail breaks

When you get in jail on some other player’s board, it is the best way to use Board Kings Diamond for your escape. This is the best way to escape and it can be helpful when you are close to stealing some of the valuable objects from your opponents.

Fast Recovery

Sometimes your buildings will get damaged and the best way to a fast recovery is by using diamonds. This way, you can rebuild your destroyed buildings in a better manner and it will give you time to focus on other things as well.

Upgrading some Valuable Objects

Use the Board Kings Diamond to upgrade those objects that will give you the most benefit and have high returns. Do not use these diamonds on smaller items, rather save them for greater items.

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