Idoly Pride Codes – December 2023 free [Updated]

Idoly Pride: Idol Manager Codes, unlike the cheat codes you might have been using in different games, are the codes that the developers themselves release to help you collect the in-game resources required. Starting with Idoly Pride: Idol Manager, you will take the role of Hoshimi Productions manager and be tasked with the transformation of idols into big stars.

All the resources in Idoly Pride: Idol Manager including clothes, makeup, gems, and diamonds are crucial to ace your role of manager. In this guide, we will delve into the details of Idoly Pride Free Codes, offering insights into how to discover and redeem these codes effectively.

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What Are Idoly Pride Free Codes?

Idoly Pride
Idoly Pride Free Codes

The success in Idoly Pride: Idol Manager is leading a group of idols into big stars. Throughout your journey, you will see several mesmerizing performances making this mobile game also available on PS4/PS5 highly enjoyable. However, to make your Idol rock the stage you need to have several resources including the costumes. All these can be earned through Idoly Pride Free Codes.

Idoly Pride Free Codes in Idoly Pride: Idol Manager are the one-time redeemable codes that developers keep releasing on random occasions. There’s no specific time for these releases, however, once released each of these codes can be used only once to get either coins, diamonds, gems, or some other resource.

While most of these codes are for a limited time, however, some of them stay forever and you can redeem them whenever you want. Thus, if any one of you is struggling to redeem some code he has, it might be already expired.

List Of All Latest Idoly Pride Free Codes – December 2023

Since, the Idoly Pride: Idol Manager, has released the developers have released many Idoly Pride Free Codes. You can see the latest Idoly Pride Free Codes on the Idoly Pride official’s site. Many of these codes have expired, however, here is the list of all the active Idoly Pride Free Codes that you can redeem:

Codes Rewards
V9EN7FUQ 1000 gems
TKQ2PNMS 1000 gems
6TSFVSZF 1000 gems
8A96HL74 1000 gems
REDDITXIDOLY Premium Casting Tickets x10, Lesson Pass x10, Coin Pass x10, Film Pass x10, Highscore Pass x10

How To Redeem Idoly Pride Free Codes?

Idoly Pride: Collecting Resources

Redeeming Idoly Pride Free Codes in Idoly Pride: Idol Manager is simple provided you have entered the accurate code. Here’s how you can redeem the code to obtain valuable goods:

  • Open Idoly Pride: Idol Manager on your mobile device.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit the option “Redeem Codes“.
  • Press “Claim Reward“.

A pop-up screen will appear, showing the error if the code you have added isn’t correct, therefore always make sure you have entered the same code as that provided by the developer.

In conclusion, Idoly Pride Free Codes are themselves a crucial resource in Idoly Pride: Idol Manager, aiding players in their quest to transform idols into stars. The codes, released by developers, offer in-game rewards such as coins, gems, and premium items. Stay updated on the latest codes to enhance your managerial journey and make your idols shine on stage.

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