Eternal Piece Codes For April 2024

Eternal Piece Codes For April 2024

Roblox games have a unique method of giving players freebies that can help them take their game to the next level. So it is not surprising that players are always looking out for new codes for their favorite games. As the codes provide them an edge that can help against the competition. 

For instance, the Roblox Criminality Codes give players free cash that they can use and Roblox Toy Defense Codes give players crackers and lunchboxes that help player increase their defense. Today we will be discussing Eternal Piece Codes and what they will reward players in the game. We will be listing all the working Eternal Piece Codes For April 2024 and also the steps to redeem them.

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Eternal Piece Codes

Listed below are the currently working Roblox Eternal Piece Codes. It is paramount that you redeem them ASAP as they don’t come with an expiry date and can become redundant.

Code Reward
statsetyuh Free Stat Reset (NEW)
racesetyuh 5 Race Rerolls (NEW)
reset135 This resets your stats
race135 5 Race Rerolls
LegendaryFruit A Free Legendary Fruit – just eat it to get its power!
stackrace 5 Race Rerolls
newstats This resets your stats

How To Redeem Eternal Piece Codes?

Roblox Eternal Piece codes can easily be redeemed and we will be listing the steps you can follow to get the freebies instantly below:

  1. Open the menu in Eternal Piece by pressing M on your keyboard
  2. Once the menu opens click on “Codes”
  3. Copy and paste the code you want to redeem from the table above
  4. Once you redeem your reward you will get a popup on your screen
  5.  You can eat fruits from the hot bar and reroll your race from the main menu!

Why Are My Roblox Eternal Piece Codes Not Working?

Luffy in Eternal Piece
Luffy in Eternal Piece

If you followed all the steps listed above correctly but the code was not redeemed and you didn’t get the rewards, we may know the reason. While there are multiple reasons why the code might not have worked we will list the most common ones below.

  • It is possible that you saw the code late and the code has already expired. Once a code expires they do not work and become useless.
  • It is also possible that the code is usable but you made a mistake while typing it in. So try to copy and paste the coed from the table above to avoid typing errors.
  • The codes can only be redeemed once so if you have already redeemed a code you will not be able to redeem it again.

What Are Roblox Eternal Piece Codes?

Eternal Piece key art
Eternal Piece key art

Eternal Piece codes are given out by the developers and are free rewards that help you in the game. For example, if you get free race rerolls you can change the race and abilities of your character. You can also get a code that will give you free fruits. 

Where To Get More Roblox Eternal Piece Codes?

If you are an active follower of GamingFlaws you know that we have listed many codes for different games and regularly update the articles to remove and add codes. So following GamingFlaws is one of the best ways to get your hands on working codes for all Roblox games.

Another way is to go directly to the source, follow, and keep an eye on the social media of the developers. However, keep in mind this is a time-consuming method as not all the posts by the developers will be codes.

With this, we reach an end to our Eternal Piece Codes For April 2024. We listed all the working codes for this month and also explained how to redeem them. In addition, we went through what the codes will reward players and how to find more Eternal Piece Codes. For more from GamingFlaws, check out Fortnite: Midas Service Station And Vending Machine Location Guide.

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