Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Joker DLC

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Joker DLC

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League might have been the game to bring Rocksteady back on the map but it seems their downfall just will not end. The game received decent reviews from players after they tried the alpha and early release. However, after the full release of the game, even Warner Bros. decided the game was a failure.

Probably due to the player count dropping significantly on Steam showing that players have moved on from the game. There was a chance for some possible revival of the game with the Joker DLC but it seems the game just does not have the luck to survive. We will be going over the newly released Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Joker DLC, and highlighting just what makes it so bad.

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The Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Joker DLC Explained

Suicide Squad Joker screenshot
Suicide Squad Joker screenshot

After the not-so-good response that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League received from fans it looked like the Joker DLC might be the saving grace of Rocksteady’s game. If the DLC was released without jumping through hoops that might have been the case. However, the Joke DLC needed to be unlocked by repeating and grinding through the old mission.

This was already a complaint of fans that the game’s missions were very repetitive and fans were easily getting bored. As the game was already suffering from players moving on this was not a wise move. Players who were already bored of similar missions were not likely to repeat them again solely to acquire a DLC. The only way for players to get the Joker DLC without wasting time is to pay $10.

This infuriated many players and some even claimed that the reason for the Joker DLC needing to be unlocked is so more people spend money. This was supported by Rocksteady’s claim that all post-launch content would be completely free for the first year, which might technically be true but it doesn’t make things any more scummy. 

This was enough for many people to finally delete the game and move to newer ventures. Even those who decided to unlock the Joker DLC by going through missions are not happy, making fans wonder if future DLCs will follow the same formula.

Can The Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Be Saved?

Suicide Squad smiling Joker
Suicide Squad smiling Joker

It is hard to say whether there is any possibility to save Suicide Squad” Kill the Justice League. Fans believed or maybe hoped that the new Joker DLC would bring some much-needed freshness but that did not happen. Based on several factors, it’s unlikely that the game can be saved without changing multiple things. 

For instance, one of the biggest gripes of fans was the missions being too repetitive. If this can somehow be changed then it might be possible to attract the fans that have deleted the game. Another issue that mostly PC users complained about was the game being too demanding in terms of PC specs. This is a huge issue since the game’s reputation is not good so almost nobody will upgrade their PC to try out a game that they will probably not like.

Lastly, possibly the biggest issue, especially due to the game’s lackluster performance, is the cost. Players first have to buy the game and then pay more for extras, and now even the Joker DLC costs money. If this cost can be cut down some potential players may buy the game and the game might get a new lease on life.

With this, we reach an end to our Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Joker DLC guide. We explained what the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Joker DLC is and why it failed. In addition, we went over whether it is possible to save the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. For more from GamingFlaws, check out Fortnite: Midas Service Station And Vending Machine Location Guide.

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