Horror Game Fortnite Code 4 Player

Horror game fortnite code 4 player
Horror game fortnite code 4 player

Fortnite has some new codes that can be used on various maps, and these can used to progress forward in the game. Read the whole article to learn about the horror game Fortnite Code 4 player to check all the available codes.

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Horror Game Fortnite Code 4 Player

Horror Game Fortnite Code 4 Player will pit you in an arena where you will be against hordes of zombies on various maps, and your survival instincts will be put to the test. These maps have been designed to create an eerie experience in unsettling environments to keep things interesting.

Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape (7962-7507-1539)

In Horror Game Fortnite code 4 Player, the Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape is an escape room-inspired map where you will embark on a journey through a series of locations in search of hidden spots to progress to the next level.

Although it is possible to tackle this map solo, the experience becomes even more enjoyable when played in co-op mode.

Horror game fortnite code 4 player
Horror game Fortnite code 4 player

Zombieland (9369-6922-8408)

In Zombieland, you will be up against powerful zombie hordes. This map does not reach the same level of intense fright as other maps but the close encounters with zombies will suffice to instill a sense of fear.

Additionally, you can purchase weapons, utilize vehicles, and explore various regions of the map while taking on the zombies.

The Fortnite Backrooms (4919-4653-3583)

The concept of the Backrooms has been a prominent theme in indie horror, and it has now made its way to the Horror Game Fortnite Code 4 Player. In the Fortnite Backrooms, you will find yourself in a haunting environment with no clear exit in sight.

Horror game fortnite code 4 player
Horror game Fortnite

You will be in the backrooms stuck in an unending progression of varied mazes, each maze concealing its own spine-tingling secrets.

Scary Doll (7595-1913-2803)

The Scary Doll map stands out as one of the maps where you will immerse in a first-person perspective through the dimly lit corridors. This map will provide a 4v4 setup, in which you will fight against terrifying dolls to break free from the haunting hell.

The Caves (5355-5776-4479)

The next map on the list is The Caves, and as the name suggests, this map will put you through the depths of a labyrinthine cave. You will experience a sequence of narrated events in the caves to maintain the eerie vibe.

Furthermore, the cave will be teeming with horrors lurking in every crevice, making it a cautionary experience.

Horror game fortnite code 4 player
Fortnite Horror Game

The Night At Pizzeria (1502-5853-2604)

The The Night At Pizzeria map draws inspiration from Five Nights At Freddy’s is evident. In this map, you will have to manage power, monitor cameras, and fend for their survival throughout the night, all while contending with robotic mascots on the prowl.

Doors (3321-6193-5191)

This code is for Doors, where you will have to navigate through a series of doors, aiming to escape an apparently infinite hotel. This map revolves around searching for keys and evading monsters as you open each door.

The Apartment (9833-8062-2391)

The Apartment stands out as one of the maps where you will wake up to a mysterious noise and experience a captivating storyline. This map offers multiple endings determined by how you navigate the challenges.

Since the ending is determined by your decisions, this Horror Game Fortnite Code 4 Player map gives you all the reason to reply to it to experience a different ending.

The Bigfoot (1521-6640-9544)

The Bigfoot map is set in a vast forest, where you will take on the role of an observer in a watchtower with the objective of searching for the mysterious Bigfoot and trying to capture it.

Fortophobia (2108-2091-0547)

The last map in the Horror Game Fortnite Code 4 Player is Fortophobia. This map will put you inside a haunted house, faced with one of twelve distinct ghosts. The objective will be to chase down the ghosts and deduce who is the one trying to connect with the house.

This concludes the Fortnite Code 4 player guide for the Horror Game. While we covered intricate details on each map, for an actual rollercoaster experience, it is recommended that you explore and experience these maps for yourself.

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