Disney Dreamlight Valley Squirrels Favorite Food: How To Find And Collect The Critter

Squirrel's Favorite Food
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Squirrels

Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley, are the cutest yet least annoying critter you’ll find while roaming around the realms. Unlike, all other critters that run away simply as you approach them, this pretty creature isn’t difficult to approach until and unless it is already full of food. To turn Squirrels into your companions you first need to find a Squirrel’s favorite food. As you feed these, they won’t only become your companion, but you’ll also complete a foraging task, giving you a Dreamlight and a Dream shard.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Squirrel Guide

Squirrel's Favorite Food
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Squirrel

Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley are the free cute little friends that can be found in the Plaza. It’s pretty easy to collect these, as they don’t require planning some strategy to approach them.

Similar to other Critters roaming around the realms, you need to feed Squirrels five to six times, with each feeding being on a different day as only the first one counts. Here’s how you can find Squirrel’s favorite food and turn it into your companion, unlocking different rewards.

Squirrel’s Favorite Food

Squirrel's Favorite Food
Squirrel’s Favorite Food: Peanuts

Squirrels’ favorite food in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Peanuts. You can purchase these peanuts from Remy’s restaurant in your Valley. However, to unlock peanuts you first need to complete a quest “Remy’s recipe book“.

However, if you find a Squirrel before unlocking Peanuts there are plenty of other options you can feed them however, rewards will vary. These options include apples, bananas, blueberries, cherries, cocoa beans, lemons, or raspberries.

All Five Squirrels You Can Find

Squirrels Favorite Food

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are five different Squirrels that you can find roaming around in the realms and an additional one that you can unlock only after completing the quest. Here’s the list of all the squirrels you can collect in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Classic Squirrel: This will appear in your Valley on Sundays between noon and midnight, and also for the whole day on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • Black Squirrel: This will be available for feedings on Sundays between midnight and noon, and also on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for the whole day.
  • Gray Squirrel: This will appear on Sundays between noon and midnight, and also for the whole day on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Red Squirrel: You’ll be able to feed this on Sundays between midnight and noon, and all day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • White Squirrel: This is the rarest one and will only be available on Sundays between midnight and 6 am.

Other than these five variants of Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there is one special squirrel you can collect in the game, and this is the Scary Squirrel. This variant is unlocked when you complete the quest of the Great Blizzard with Olaf. Completing the quest will automatically add the Scary Squirrel to your collection.

How To Choose Squirrel As Your Companion?

Choosing Companion

One of the major rewards of feeding the Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley is that they will become your companion and will follow you around helping you complete your Dreamlight duties.

Among a wide variety of Critters available in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can choose Squirrel as your companion by simply going into your wardrobe and selecting the Squirrel you would like to join you.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Selfie with Critter

You can also take selfies with Squirrels. To do so, take your camera, change the settings in the right top corner to the standing position and then you should see the Critter option in the bottom left menu.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Squirrel Rewards

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, rewards for feeding Squirrels vary with what you feed them. If you’re feeding them Peanuts, which is Squirrel’s favorite food, they will reward you with either a motif bag or up to three Dream shards.

However, if you’re feeding them anything other than Squirrel’s favorite food then they will
reward you with either a Dream Shard or Oregano.

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