Why am I Getting Low FPS on my high End PC (Complete Solution and Fix)

Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc
Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc

A low Frame per second (FPS) rate can cause players plenty of trouble and make their experience of gaming a bit hard. This can occur due to the PC not meeting the game requirements or the PC not working fine can also be a reason for this. Read this article to know all about the possible causes of this issue and how you can solve it to have a much better experience.

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Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc

There is a difference between an FPS issue and the lag that sometimes happens within the game. The FPS occurs when the PC is not compatible enough to work with the required settings of the game or when there is something wrong with your PC. Whereas the internet lag is the reason for the lag that occurs during the game. Slow internet can cause the players to move slowly or the story to be interrupted again and again.

If you are facing some kind of lag, the only solution is to change your internet service to a much better one to solve Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc. However, if there is an issue with the FPS rate, then read all of the following ways to solve it and have a much better experience of gaming.

Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc
Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc

Turning Game Mode on

You can turn the Game mode in your windows which will allow the PC to let all the resources work on the game that is running. The PC stops all the Windows updates and lets you focus on the game only which causes the PC to give a much better FPS rate. You can do this by visiting the Gaming option in the setting and then selecting “Game Mode”. This will turn the game on, and you can run the game much more smoothly.

Updating the Drivers

The drivers are the main part that connects the foreign device with the internal system. If your drivers are not updated, it might cause the game not to run smoothly. A normal person using the PC might not need to worry about updating the drivers, but a gamer should focus on this to solve Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc. If you are using an outdated driver, it will cause your PC to work while delivering less game performance.

Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc
Updating the driver

It is better to have a check on your graphics driver and the options of Nvidia’s driver or AMD’s driver is the better one. If you already have an integrated graphics driver, it is much better to either replace it with the latest one or add an extra one for a much better experience.

You can easily download these drivers from either Nvidia or AMD which allows players to download the latest drivers quite easily. When there is a new update available, they will also inform you about it as well.

Using SSD instead of HDD

It is known to gamers that Solid State Drive (SSD) is much better than the old-fashioned Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Using the SSD aids players to run their system much faster and you can simply distinguish between the SSD and HDD as the former one is much faster.

The newer windows already have the option to optimize the drive entry. But in any kind of scenario, players should look towards buying an SSD with good storage.

Close extra apps running in background

When the apps are running in the background, the computer uses many of the resources in order to run them. It is much better to remove all the other apps while running the game. This will aid the PC to allow all the resources to solely focus on the game you want to play without dropping FPS. You can do this by the following steps:

  • Click the Ctrl + Shift + Esc which will open the Task Manager.
  • This task manager has a lot of apps that use the resources. You must close the ones that use quite a lot of the resources.
  • You can leave the ones that aren’t taking much of the resources of the PC.
Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc
Fixing the FPS drop

Turn off the Visual Effects

The windows use a lot of resources on the visual effects to make the menus or other elements quite smooth to solve Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc. The drawback is that it uses a lot of resources, and this might cause the FPS to drop on the PC. You can do the following steps to reduce or completely turn off the visual effects:

  • You can deactivate the visual effects in the Windows operating system by entering “performance” in the Start menu.
  • Then choose the “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows” option.
  • Within the Visual Effects tab of the menu, you will come across a compilation of the graphical elements that can be turned on or off according to your preferences.
  • Then go to the “Adjust for best performance” button and then press ok to save the changes.
Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc
Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc

When you have done all the above steps, just wait for the interface to change. The appearance won’t be the same as before, but this will allow you to play the game with a better FPS rate.

Power Options

The power options vary between the PC and the laptop as you can alter them according to the use. The use of power is affiliated with the performance of the PC. If you use a high-performance option, the game will give a much better output which will give a better FPS rate. You can do this by the following steps:

  • You must type “control panel” in the Start menu which will open that menu.
  • Change the View by option by visiting the top-right option to the small icons.
  • Then you must choose the Power Options from a few of them.
  • Choose the option of “show additional plans” and then select the High-performance option.

Choose Graphical Settings

You can choose the graphical settings within the game which lets you decide the gaming experience to solve Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc. When you use more graphical effects, it lowers the FPS rate and enhances the visuals.

This can be handled by reducing the Graphics quality which will lead to a much better FPS rate. The key is to reduce the graphics to some extent so that it is not entirely bad. Along with this, the frame rate can be increased to some extent.

You can even change some of the visual effects alone. This can allow you to choose which effects you can change and is close to having more FPS in return. Along with increasing the FPS, it will also enhance the overall quality of the game so it will not buffer. This also depends on the type of monitor that you have. If you have a 144 Hz, then don’t have the limit of 60 FPS. If the game is still being affected by the low FPS, you can reduce the resolution to improve the FPS.

Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc
Finding ways to fix the FPS drop

Using Full-Screen

Most games offer players some options where they can select from full-screen, windowed, or borderless windowed modes. These modes are provided to make it easy for them. It is quite vital to choose the best option as some of them might aid in having a better FPS rate. You can opt for the full-screen mode, which is highly recommended for optimal performance to solve Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc.

This preference is chosen so the applications and games that operate in full-screen mode have complete control over the screen output. While the borderless windowed mode can be much better, the game will lack an exclusive display control for this kind of setting. This can lead to a decrease in frame rate.

Repairing the Game

If you have used all the above methods to solve the FPS issue and the issue still persists, then it means that the game is broken. This can be due to a missing file or some of the files getting corrupted. You can either repair the game or delete it and get a new one. Do note that not all games have the option of repairing because a few of them consist of an option to repair the issues.

You can check if the game has a repair option by simply viewing the properties of the game to solve Why am I getting low fps on my high end pc. When you have opened the properties, go to the option of ‘local files. Then select the option ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ if it exists. However, if you can’t find that option, it means that you must buy a new one and delete this one, so it does not bug the others.

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