How to Fix the Super Credits Disappeared Bug in Helldivers 2

How to Fix the Super Credits Disappeared Bug in Helldivers 2
How to Fix the Super Credits Disappeared Bug in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 is one of the most popular games out right now and the the ability to explore the galaxy while taking part in the amazing action is one of the biggest reasons fans love the game. Helldivers 2 was the first Sony-published game to launch on the PC alongside the PlayStation. 

While the game has been an overall hit with fans on both PlayStation and PC, that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws. When players aren’t struggling with the constant server-related issues, they’re spamming Reddit saying that they aren’t receiving their Super Credits after completing missions in the game.

If you’re in the same boat and want to find a way to start getting your Super Credits in Helldivers 2, keep reading.

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What Is The Helldivers 2 Super Credits Disappeared Bug?

Helldivers 2 art
Helldivers 2 art

Helldivers 2 has faced countless ever since its launch, the most recent bug caused players to be stuck on the ship loading screen. Well now, there is a new bug that has been reported by multiple gamers, related to missing Super Credits. For those who are not familiar with Super Credits, it is the paid currency for all Helldivers. 

The fact that Super Credits are disappearing is a huge issue since they are purchased using real-world money. They can also be found during missions but many have paid their hard-earned cash to buy them so it is still a critical bug.

Can This Be Fixed?

So far no user has reported the issue being rectified and their Super Credits reappearing so it seems like the devs are still trying to fix the issue. Unfortunately, the error is on the server side so there is not much we can try from our end to fix the issue. It is possible that many people bought or earned Super Credits and due to this, the orders could not be processed.

There was a recent error where players were not receiving rewards at the completion of missions and it was fixed within a few hours after the servers had cooled down. It is still highly recommended that you contact developers, Arrowhead Games Studio, and make a complaint on the official website. That way there will be a record of the issue you are facing and it will be resolved via the proper channels.

Why Are Super Credits Disappearing?

Helldivers 2 gameplay
Helldivers 2 gameplay

Since the issue is on the server side, it all comes down to how many players are playing Helldivers 2 on the server simultaneously. Recently, the Helldivers 2 server limit has been increased from 450,000 players to 700,000 players, this new change can also be the root cause of this issue. 

If you have played Helldivers 2 regularly then you have probably faced an issue with rewards being delayed. You complete a mission on day 1 and the rewards will only appear when you log in the next day. The same issue may be now occurring with the Super Credits and they will appear shortly. However, I would personally strongly advise to not purchase any more Super Credits until this issue is permanently fixed.

Troubleshooting Steps

We will list some troubleshooting steps that players can try below but a note of caution that they might not help, and most players will likely have to wait for the developers to deploy a fix for the matter:

  1. Check your in-game transactions and your payment verification to make sure the purchase was successful.
  2. Check the server status as too many players online at the same time causes things to slow down and that can be why your Super Credits have not appeared.
  3. Lastly, if you are at the end of your ropes and have tried everything, contact the developers and make an official complaint regarding the issue you are facing.

What Are Super Credits in Helldivers 2?

Super Credits in Helldivers 2
Super Credits in Helldivers 2

Now that you know some potential fixes for how you can start getting your Super Credits again in Helldivers 2, and you’re in the know that this is most likely a developer-related technical issue, we’re sure some of you might be wondering what Super Credits even are in Helldivers 2. After all, these currencies are extremely rare, and most players might go their entire Helldivers 2 career without finding a single one.

Basically, if you’ve played similar competitive online games before, then you’ll be familiar with the concept of premium currencies. In the same way, Super Credits are Helldivers 2’s premium currency that is usually acquired by spending actual money. Therefore, you can imagine that not having this currency show up at all can be a major red flag for gamers, especially if they use their hard-earned money to get them.

With that being said, there are other means of acquiring Super Credits. For example, you can potentially get some for free via Warbonds, loot caches, random POIs, and more, and then use those said Super Credits to get some shiny new armor and gear to show off.

This concludes everything we know about why Super Credits aren’t showing up for you. While it’s true that you’ll likely have to wait for the developers to release a patch update to fix this issue, we’re sure you’ll eventually get your Super Credits, especially when you take the game’s popularity and expectations into account. While you wait, we recommend you check out When Is Helldivers 2 Coming To Xbox Series X And S?

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