Fortnite Festival Creative: What is Festival Pass and How to Unlock Auras

Auras is a new introduction that can used from 9 December which is available in Fortnite festival creative mode. It can not be found in any battle pass or item shop

What Is Fortnite Festival Pass

This pass allows players to get some kind of reward as they play the game and progress in it. There are Festival Points that players need to earn which will grant those rewards. These points can be obtained by completing certain missions in Fortnite or reaching checkpoints.

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There are a total of 11,000 Festival points for all the rewards including the free and premium versions. Players need to get these points and unlock rewards from Fortnite Festival Creative mode. It is recommended to take rewards as soon as you get some points so you can use them right away in the game. Try to get your hands on rewards that are worth less Festival points and then save up to get the expensive items.

Fortnite Festival Creative
Fortnite Festival Creative mode

How to earn Festival Points

The festival points can only be earned when you progress in the game by completing missions. This can be done by using the mouse or any kind of keyboard to match the beat of the music. Any kind of music will be played and players need to make an exact match to get the task right.

It also includes a system where you will be given a rating. The maximum rating is 5 stars and the minimum rating is 1 star. Rating is given by how many correct steps you can match with the music. When the song ends, you will get a report on how you have performed. It will include the festival points that you have earned.

One extra way to get the festival points is by completing various quests of the Fortnite Festival which will also guarantee you some points.  You can certainly redeem these points in Fortnite Festival Pass. Some of these quests are deemed as easy and some are hard that require your time.

Rewards of the Fortnite Festival Creative Free Mode

Mainstage Feeling Loading Screen: Requires 1,000 Festival Points.

Butter Barn Hoedown Jam Track: Obtainable at 2,000 Festival Points.

Stellar Burst Aura: Accessible with 3,000 Festival Points.

Take Me Higher Jam Track: Unlock at 4,000 Festival Points.

Equalize Emoticon: Acquire for 5,000 Festival Points.

Switch Up Jam Track: Available at 6,000 Festival Points.

High Volume Emoticon: Obtainable for 7,000 Festival Points.

Run It Jam Track: Unlocked at 8,000 Festival Points.

Chill Llama Emoticon: Attainable for 9,000 Festival Points.

Brace for Chaos Jam Track: Access by accumulating 10,000 Festival Points.

Nanner Jammer Guitar: Requires 11,000 Festival Points.

The free version has a Stellar Burst Aura which can be obtained by spending around 3000 festival points.

Fortnite Festival Creative
Fortnite Festival Creative mode showing music

Rewards of the Fortnite Festival Creative Premium Mode

The Weeknd Mic Microphone: Available for 1,000 Festival Points.

Drop the Beat Loading Screen: Unlockable at 2,000 Festival Points.

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark Jam Track: Obtainable with 3,000 Festival Points.

Highwire Bass: Accessible for 4,000 Festival Points.

Gangnam Style Jam Track: Attainable at 5,000 Festival Points.

XO Bass: Obtainable with 6,000 Festival Points.

Poison Jam Track: Unlocked at 7,000 Festival Points.

Sludgie Keytar: Acquire for 8,000 Festival Points.

Blinding Lights Jam Track: Accessible at 9,000 Festival Points.

Bouncing Bars Aura: Obtainable for 10,000 Festival Points.

The Weeknd Icon Series Outfit: Requires 11,000 Festival Points.

The Premium version can be obtained by spending 1,800 V-Bucks and it includes many more useful items. It includes the Bouncing Bars Aura which can be obtained by spending 10,000 points but it is worth every festival point.

How to Unlock Auras in Fortnite Festival Creative

This brand-new addition to the creative mode is unlocked by buying the Festival pass. You can unlock Auras by progressing in every pass of the Season. Another way to get your hands which are also available in the Item Shop for V-Bucks.  These cosmetics, when used in the Fortnite festival creative mode will be shown on the screen behind the character during Overdrive.

You can unlock Auras in the Fortnite Festival mode where you can earn Festival Points by playing on the Main Stage and doing the Fortnite Festival quests. The festival’s creative mode has a primary music-based experience and a rhythm set to be featured in the world of music. This includes a brand new feature that is named “Auras”. Auras is much different than traditional skins or any kind of emotes. They are used in moments of streaks and Overdrive within the Fortnite Festival Creative mode.

Fortnite Festival Creative
Fortnite Festival mode

How does the Auras work in Fortnite Festival Creative

The Auras are related to the music elements of the Festival game mode. As soon as you activate the Auras, it will be seen alongside the players. This indicates that the players are operating well in the game with moments like streaks or Overdrive.

This is useful because it gives an idea to players about how well are they performing. The visual feature makes the Auras quite attractive to players as it provides a regular update to the player and shows related stats as well.

Along with the music-related Auras, Fortnite will also include The Weeknd due to his chart-topping music hits. This will intrigue many fans from all around the world and it will shape up the visual characteristics of the players as well.


Auras are the new feature in the Fortnite Festival Creative mode which provides stats in the background. It will show all the progress that you have achieved along with an overview of how well you have been performing. Auras visually represent characters during moments of streaks and Overdrive which enhances the overall gameplay experience.

There is a Stellar Burst Aura in the free version that can be obtained for around 3000 festival points and a Bouncing Bars Aura for exactly 10,000 festival points. When you activate Auras, it provides real-time visual feedback that indicates the player’s performance and related stats. This addition adds an attractive and informative element to the Fortnite Festival Creative mode.

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