GTA 6 Map Leak – What do we know about the GTA 6 Leaked Map?

Grand Theft Auto 6 - Everything About the Leaked Map

Grand Theft Auto, also known as GTA, is a gaming icon where each new release sets a new standard for the open-world sandbox genre thanks to their open worlds that are full of criminal activity, satirical takes, and lots of action. We know a lot about Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6, but we won’t complain if more info is provided. This is where the leaked map comes in, giving us a small glimpse of where the next GTA adventure might take place.

While Rockstar hasn’t confirmed any of the leaks we’re about to discuss, these rumors have been going around the internet for some time now. People started to think GTA 6 might have players return to Vice City, the neon-filled city based on Miami that was featured in GTA: Vice City. Initial speculation was due to the leak of 2022, which included lots of footage and images that hinted at a return to the city.

The leaked map has caused the GTA fanbase to get very excited, even if the leaks don’t give us a detailed picture. While these details are hazy, what we’ve seen in the leaks suggests that the new map will be far more dense than any GTA game before. This article will discuss everything we think we know about the leaked GTA 6 map, from its size to its features.

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Where will Grand Theft Auto 6 Take Place?

The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer revealed that the game will occur in Vice City. For those who don’t know, Vice City is a fictional city set in the GTA universe inspired by 1980s Miami. It first appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, released in 2002. The city instantly became a fan favorite thanks to its neon lights, 80s aesthetic, and eye-catching colors. 

The leak suggests that Rockstar won’t simply remake the old map. Instead, it will be much larger than the Vice City featured in the 2002 classic. Instead of just being near the beach, the new map will go beyond what the game had by introducing new areas based on real-world locations around Miami. The new map could include areas based on the Florida Keys or Everglades, which would fit perfectly in Grand Theft Auto 6.

What do we know about the GTA 6 Leaked Map?

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked map
Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked map

The leaked map comes from X user @lmk_nathan42915, known for sharing a lot of info regarding GTA.

While these are just leaks, they give us some interesting details regarding the potential size of the GTA 6 map. Here’s a list of important takeaways from the leaks:

The Size:

The leaked map makes the Grand Theft Auto 5 map look very small. Los Santos, the area we play in in GTA 5, felt huge back then. However, the leaked GTA 6 map shows it will be even bigger and offer everyone more kinds of environments for exploration.

An important thing worth mentioning is that even though the leaks show the new map is vast, a former Rockstar developer suggested that the Grand Theft Auto 6 Map should be smaller and densely packed.

The Depth:

Aside from the size, some reports indicate that the map will also be more dense, similar to the maps in Yakuza games where you can enter buildings and such.

Multiple Cities:

The leaked map showcases that the game will have more than one city. While Vice City seems like it will play a prominent role in the game, it won’t necessarily be where the entire story takes place. 

It’s important to remember that whatever we’ve discussed is just about the leaked map, so nothing is confirmed here. Rockstar may have scrapped the map design, or maybe it’s gone through all kinds of changes since the leak. 

Although, the leaks do give us a good idea of the scale and ambition present in Grand Theft Auto 6. With Vice City returning and Rockstar giving us two brand-new characters, GTA 6 will set a new benchmark in the same way the previous games in the series have set. While we wait for more information from Rockstar Games, we can only look at leaks and the details in the trailers to speculate about the game. Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled for a 2025 release on consoles, but at the moment, Rockstar hasn’t revealed anything regarding its PC port.

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