Everything About The Fortnite’s Giant Chicken Bundle

Everything About The Fortnite's Giant Chicken Bundle
Everything About The Fortnite's Giant Chicken Bundle

Fortnite is a free-to-play cross-platform game with a massive following of die-hard fans. The game tends to bring in cosmetic aspects from popular shows, anime, and other media. One of the most recent and highly popular skin crossover was of the Family Guy character, Peter Griffin. 

Even since fans got their hands on Peter’s skin, they have been requesting the inclusion of his archenemy, Ernie The Giant Chicken. Well, Fortnite not only added The Giant Chicken but included a whole new Giant Chicken Bundle. We will be going over what is included in the complete set below.

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What Does The Giant Chicken Bundle Have?

The Giant Chicken Bundle
The Giant Chicken Bundle

You can purchase The Giant Chicken Bundle from the Item Shop for 2000 V-Bucks.  If you buy the complete set you will get the 4 items 800 V-Bucks cheaper than if you were to buy each item individually. The complete set includes The Giant Chicken Outfit, The Frying Pan Back Bling, Drumsticks Pickaxe, and The Peter Griffin Speed Bag Emote.

Fortnite is known for its interesting skins and other cosmetics that change the look of the game and also attract the players. The Giant Chicken is the most recent example of this unique aspect that makes Fortnite stand out, and while it might not be as iconic as the top 10 superhero skins, it’s still recognizable for Family Guy fans.

Giant Chicken Outfit

Giant Chicken Outfit and Frying Pan Back Bling
Giant Chicken Outfit and Frying Pan Back Bling

It is a wise monetary decision to purchase the complete set of The Giant Chicken Bundle but if you are one of those who just want the outfit, it can be bought for 1,500 V-Bucks. The look of the outfit is as if the skin has been stolen from the show Family Guy itself. If you are a fan of the show, then you definitely need to try this amazing Family Guy skin, especially if you already have Peter Griffin. 

That being said, we would advise against using this skin in competitive matches as the large character model is a significant drawback and can cause many issues like it standing out too much and being an easy target for snipers. It is most certainly a good skin choice if playing amongst friends. The Giant Chicken Outfit is guaranteed to make players who don’t know about Family Guy bewildered and fans of the show gleeful. 

Frying Pan Back Bling

This item is not linked too much with the Family Guy show but it is a humorous item that goes well with the Giant Chicken. The Frying Pan Back Bling can be used in both Battle Royale and Fortnite Festival. The cartoon-style sunny-side-up egg in a frying pan is purely a cosmetic item that you can use for laughter points when playing against fans of the show.

Drumsticks Pickaxe

Drumsticks Pickaxe and Peter Griffin Emote
Drumsticks Pickaxe and Peter Griffin Emote

This pickaxe is a surprising inclusion in the bundle, and not just due to the sadistic feel that doesn’t belong with the jolly bundle, especially since you play as a chicken.

It is also a weird addition since Fortnite already has a drumstick harvesting tool, the Drummies pickaxe, which was featured in Chapter 2, Season 6. However, if you want to collect the complete bundle then you can purchase the full set or just the pickaxe for 800 V-Bucks.

Peter Griffin Speed Bag Emote

Compared to Peter Griffin’s emote, the Giant Chicken’s emote is more appropriate and in tune with its hatred for Peter. The emote features the character hitting a speed bag repeatedly until finally the speed bag bursts with a final punch. Peter can be heard laughing continuously while punching the speed bag until the explosion.

This concludes everything you need to know about Fortnite’s Giant Chicken Bundle. We have mentioned what each of the items in the bundle are and whether you should purchase them separately or as a bundle. For more from GamingFlaws, check out the What Is The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Level Cap.

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