Tekken 8 Steam Deck Settings Fatal Error [How To Solve] 

Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error
Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error

Finally, some good news for fans is that Tekken 8 has been released and players are excited to play it with friends. However, there is one real issue that the players are unable to fully enjoy the game and that is Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error. This error may be caused due to many issues and some of them can be easily fixed within the game. Read the article to know all about this fatal error and check out how to solve this error.

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Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error

You must be excited to play an online match with other gamers but when players begin the match, it causes the game to crash. Sometimes, you can see a fatal error written on the screen and this issue has caused players not to enter the online mode for battles. This error might occur because the game is having trouble finding matchmaking among players or it can be due to some corrupt memory.

The game might experience some virus-related issues so before beginning with all the solutions, the basic step is to run the antivirus to see if it resolves the issue.

Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error
Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error

The demo version of the game had no similar issues and players loved the gameplay but since the original game was launched, this issue has been faced a lot by gamers. Some of the possible solutions are mentioned below so check all of them because it might fix your Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error within the game.

Running Tekken 8 in Compatibility Mode

Tekken 8 is a target of fatal error, and this can be caused by the CPU so you should run the game in the compatibility mode of your Windows. This will let the game be the primary concern of the PCU when you are operating it, and it might solve your issue. You can perform the compatibility check by doing the following:

  • Open Tekken 8 and then go to the directory to reach where it says “Tekken 8.exe”.
  • When you see the exe option, move your cursor on it and click by pressing the right button of your mouse.
  • Then choose properties among all the options and select the option which says “Compatibility”.
  • Tick the box in front of you and then choose Windows from all the available options.
  • Finally, close all tabs and restart the game to see if the Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error is solved.

When you tick the box in the compatibility file, it will allow the game to be run as Admin in your Windows which might solve the issue.

Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error
Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error

Check Proton Hotfix as A Translation Layer

The proton Hotfix will work as a translation layer, and it will make the game supportable for the operating system of Tekken 8. Some players might be using Steam Deck on their PC, and it is recommended to use Proton Hotfix instead of that as it is better at forming a compatibility layer. You can do this action by completing all the following steps mentioned below:

  • You must download Proton Hotfix on your PC.
  • After downloading it, open the app and visit the Steam store to solve Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error.
  • You will see some options so choose the one that says “tools” and search for “Proton Hotfix” in the search bar.
  • When you see Proton in front of you, press the button to install it.

Installing the proton hotfix is only the half solution for Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error and players must enable it with Tekken 8 to make it work. This is one of the best solutions as it will act as a solid compatibility option for the game. You can enable it with Tekken 8 by completing the following steps:

  • Visit the game page for Tekken 8 and search for an icon for gears.
  • This icon will be available on the far-right side of the screen so press it and then find the compatibility option with the tab.
  • You will see a box that says, “Force use of specific Steam play compatibility”. You must tick the box.
  • Finally, select the Proton Hotfix from the options and restart the game after choosing the option to check if the fatal error is solved.

Setting Off the Cross-Play

Crossplay is one of the most recent additions to Tekken 8 by its developers that has made it a relatively new feature for the game. You should know that this is a new feature, and it can make the matchmaking servers continue to play a role despite the game operating on a peer-to-peer model. This is the only reason to turn off cross-play as it will hinder the overall process and will cause trouble to players.

You restrict matchmaking to your specific platform by making the cross-play off that can resolve the Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error. You can complete this solution by doing all the following steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Main Menu bar in the game and go to the options settings for the game.
  • You will see settings in front of you like the controller vibration settings, rollback settings, and cross-play settings.
  • Choose the cross-play settings to be off and check whether the Tekken 8 steam deck settings fatal error is solved. It is recommended to restart the game so you can have a better idea about whether the fatal issue is solved yet or not.

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