Quick Ways To Get Palworld Legendary Schematics: Legendary Handgun Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics: A Complete Guide
Palworld Legendary Schematics: A Complete Guide

Along with collection of Pals, Legendary weapons and armors in Palworld are the extremely powerful items, you need to ace the late-game challenges including the tough bosses. If you’re extremely lucky, you may get these weapons and armors from red chests in the frost area or different dungeons.

However, as there are very few chances to get these Legendary items randomly, the better approach to get your hands over these Legendary Weapons and Armors are Palworld Legendary Schematics. These Schematics are dropped by different Alpha Bosses as you knock them down. Here in this guide, we will discuss in detail all Palworld Legendary Schematic Weapons and Armors, and how to get them.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: A Complete Guide

Palworld World Settings
Palworld World Settings

Legendary Schematics in Palworld can be obtained as you defeat Alpha Bosses. Although these bosses take time to spawn, you can make them spawn a lot quicker by changing your custom World settings and having the spawn rate be three and also change your day and night cycles to maxed out at five.

By these settings, you will only have to wait around 15 minutes for a cycle and the bosses spawn much quicker versus the time they usually take to spawn. Wondering which Alpha boss drops your favorite Palworld Legendary Handgun Schematic? Here are all the details you need to know about the Top 9 Palworld Legendary Schematics:

1. Palworld Legendary Old Bow Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld: Kingpaca Location

To obtain the Legendary Old Bow Schematic in Palworld, you need to defeat Alpha Kingpaca that sits at Level 23. You will find this alpha boss near the starting location ahead to Fast Travel Point in small settlement at the 47,-464 coordinates. By making the right use of Dark Elemental Pals, you can knock down Kingpaca easily, thus getting this Old Bow Schematic as one of the drops.

2. Palworld Legendary Crossbow Schematic

To get the Legendary Crossbow Schematics, you need to get to the alpha World boss known as Alpha Bushi, at the location given below towards the south of Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster fast travel point.

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld Legendary Schematics: Bushi Boss Location

Bushi is also a level 23 boss, therefore, it’s easier to access this Alpha boss much earlier in the game. However, the materials required to craft the Legendary Crossbow are tough to collect.

3. Palworld Legendary Handgun Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld: Beakon Location

Legendary Handgun in Palworld offers a 625 damage and 800 durability. You can get this Legendary Schematic, by defeating Alpha Beakon, which is a bird that you can locate in the south of the Deep Bambooo at -346, -254 coordinates.  Also, the Pal is a flying Electric type, so bring specific Pals along to defeat it easily.

4. Palworld Legendary Assault Riffle Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld: Blazamut Location

Obtaining a Legendary Assault Riffle Schematic in Palworld, is one of the toughest task, as it requires you to defeat Alpha Blazamut. You can find this Pal in the Volcanoic biome towards the northwest of the Ancient Civilization Ruins Fast Travel Point at -442, -559 coordinates. This Pal has a 49 level, and therefore is very difficult to defeat.

5. Palworld Legendary Rocket Launcher Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld: Jetragon Location

In Palworld, Legendary Rocket Launcher is perhaps one of the greatest weapon to knock down enemies as it provides the 14000 damage. Head towards the west of the Ruin Fortress City Fast Travel Point, and there you will find Level 50 Alpha Pal Jetragon at -784, -319 coordinates. Successfully defeating this extremely tough boss, will get you a Palworld Legendary Rocket Launcher Schematic.

6. Palworld Legendary Pump-Action Shotgun Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld: Suzaku Location

To get Pump Action Shotgun Legendary Schematic in Palworld, you need to defeat the Level 45 Suzaka. You will find this boos near to Duneshelter located in the Sand biome at 403, 254 coordinates. Make sure you’re properly equipped as knocking down this boss is definitely a tough challenge.

7. Palworld Legendary Cloth Armor Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld: Chillet Location

Soon as you begin your Palworld journey, Alpha Chillet will be right there in the lawn to the south of the Fort Ruins fast travel point at 171, -416 coordinates. Legendary Cloth Armor Schematic can be obtained by defeating this fairly easy Alpha boss. Unlocking this armor set, gives you a crucial early game boost.

8. Palworld Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld Legendary Schematics: Frostallion Boss Location

Another Legendary Armor Schematic that you can get defeating Alpha Pal Frostallion is Pal Metal Helmet Schematic. To acquire this, you first need to find Level 50 Frostallion, which will be located at coordinates -354,499 towards the east of the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point.

9. Palworld Legendary Heat and Cold Resistant Pal Armor Schematic

Palworld Legendary Schematics
Palworld Legendary Schematics: Paladius Boss Location

In order to get a Heat and Cold Resistant Pal Armor, you need to fight against the team of Alpha Necromus and Alpha Paladius in Palworld. You will find these enemies in the Deep Sand Dunes region at the 445, 676 coordinates. Both these bosses are level 50, and perhaps will give you the toughest time.

Palworld: How To Use Legendary Schematics

Palworld Legendary Handgun Schematics
Palworld Legendary Handgun Schematic

Once, you have obtained different Palworld Legendary Schematics, you now need to gather the specified material to craft various items. Each Schematics, no matter if it’s for the weapon or armor has a specific type of workbench required for crafting. To craft the basic items, you can simply use the Primitive Workbench, that you unlock in the initial levels.

Similary, higher quality workbenches are required to craft the advanced schematics. Once, you have made the selection for a workbench, simply bring your Palworld Legendary Schematic to the workbench, and with all the necassary material in your inventory, you can easily craft your favourite Legendary weapons.

This was all about Legendary Schematics you can get defeating various Alpha Bosses in the vast Palworld map. Craft your favourite Legendary Weapon and Armors right away, and don’t forget to tell us about your favourite Legendary item in Palworld. Also, if you’re facing any trouble acing Palworld, visit our Palworld guides, they’ll surely be a great help.




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