How To Complete The Club Renewal Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Complete The Club Renewal Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most magical games around. Blending together beloved Disney characters like Mike and Sulley and allowing players to interact with them, if you grew up watching Disney movies then you’ll feel right at home in this game. However, what makes this game even more engaging is just how many quests it has.

One of those said quests is called the Club Renewal Quest, and it’s given to us by the Queen Mouse herself, Minnie Mouse. Today, we’ll be diving into this specific quest and touching on things like how you can unlock it, what you need to do if you want to complete it, and the rewards you can expect upon completion.

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How To Start The Club Renewal Friendship Quest

Adventuring with Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Adventuring with Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First up, how do you start the Club Renewal Quest? Well, it’s important to keep in mind that because players are required to have a bond level of 10 with Minnie Mouse to unlock this quest, you shouldn’t expect to come across it anytime soon if you’re a newcomer.

Once you’ve strengthened your bond with Minnie to level 10, all you have to do is speak with her, at which point she’ll tell you about an old club she wants to revive. To do that, however, it’s first required for the player to find the old club’s banner. That’s right, this is the objective of the Club Renewal quest.

A couple of prerequisites to ensure you get the quest include:

  • Unlocking the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Frosted Heights biomes
  • Ensuring that Anna and Woody are free and in the Valley

Completing The Club Renewal Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley official screenshot
Disney Dreamlight Valley official screenshot

With the quest unlocked, the next step is to find the banner. Doing this is easy as all players have to do is make their way over to the Glade of Trust and look for a distinct red banner lying around. Once found, bring it back to Minnie who’ll comment that the banner is in bad condition and needs fixing. That’s right, it’s time to fix the banner now.

The club banner can be repaired using the following materials:

  • 10 x Gold Nugget (Can be mined from large black rocks in Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands
  • 20 x Fabric (Requires five cotton each to craft at the crafting station)
  • 1 x Red Dye (Can be crafted using 2 x Squid, 2 x Garnet, and 1 x Empty Vial)

If you’re having trouble finding the ingredients to craft the Red Dye, worry not. Squids can be caught at water bodies in the Glade of Trust or Forgotten Lands. Garnets are a little more tricky as you have to break black rocks using the Pickaxe in the Plaza or Peaceful Meadow. By far the easiest ingredient in the list is the Empty Vial which just requires you to take three Glass at a crafting station and craft it.

With all three ingredients in hand, go to the crafting station and craft the Cheerful Chums Club banner. You now have the banner Minnie wanted and have to place it in your home to relaunch the abandoned club.

Finishing the Quest

After putting the flag in your home and relaunching the Cheerful Chums Club, speak with Minnie again who’ll visit the relaunched club with its former members, Anna and Woody. Alongside getting the opportunity to take a memorable photo with all of the former club members and yourself, you’ll also collect Minnie Mouse’s Dinner-Party Gown. A new club and some drip for the Queen of Disney? Sounds like a win to us. With this, the mission will come to an end.

This concludes our guide on the Club Renewal Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Are you trying to complete all of the missions that you can or are you just a Minnie Mouse fan? Do let us know in the comments. For more from GamingFlaws, we recommend you check out Disney Dreamlight Valley Squirrels Favorite Food.

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