How to Make Letters in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is one of the more interesting games that has become popular, not because it has multiplayer elements or graphics, but rather for its unique crafting features where you can mix any two objects and make virtually anything, and it doesn’t matter if the thing is real or fictional. You can make stuff ranging from a simple fossil to making the entire cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion! The possibilities are endless in this title.

In this article, we’re going to look at how to make all of the letters in the English Alphabet in Infinite Craft, and fortunately, it’s a simple process. You will need some ingredients to make a Letter beforehand, but don’t worry! We’ll take a look at the prerequisites as well.

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Making Letters in Urban Dictionary

One thing to note is that there is a near-infinite number of combinations we can use to make Letters, but in this article, we’ll be going through the most efficient way to create them so you can use them as quickly as possible.

To make the first letter, we’ll need a 1st and a letter.

How to Make Letter in Infinite Craft

Letter in Infinite Craft
Letter in Infinite Craft

So, to make a Letter in Infinite Craft, all you need to do is:

  1. Combine Earth and Wind to make Dust
  2. Combine Dust and Earth to make a Planet
  3. Combine Fire and Planet to make the Sun
  4. Combine Sun and Sun to make Sunflower
  5. Combine Fire and Wind to make Smoke
  6. Combine Smoke and Sunflower to make a Smoke Signal
  7. Combine Smoke Signal and Wind to make a Message
  8. Then finally, combine Message and Message to create a Letter

How to Make 1st in Infinite Craft

1st in Infinite Craft
1st in Infinite Craft

Now that we have Letter under our ingredients, let’s make 1st so we can get our first letter. Keep in mind that making 1st is intricate so follow these steps carefully. Just do:

  1. Combine Earth and Water to Make Plant
  2. Combine Plant and Plant to make Tree
  3. Combine Tree and Water to make River
  4. Combine Earth and River to make Delta
  5. Combine River and Tree to make Paper
  6. Combine Paper and Paper to make Book
  7. Combine Book and Delta to make Alphabet
  8. Combine Alphabet and Book to make a Dictionary
  9. Combine Alphabet and Dictionary to make Language
  10. Combine Language and Water to make Spit
  11. Combine Earth and Wind to make Dust
  12. Combine Dust and Earth to make Planet
  13. Combine Planet and Planet to make Star
  14. Combine Plant and Wind to make Dandelion
  15. Combine Dandelion and Tree to make Wish
  16. Combine Tree and Wish to make Money
  17. Combine Money and Star to make Fame
  18. Combine Dust and Dust to make Sand
  19. Combine Fire and Wind to make Smoke
  20. Combine Plant and Smoke to make Incense
  21. Combine Incense and Sand to make Snake
  22. Combine Dictionary and Snake to make Anagram
  23. Combine Anagram and Fame to make Name
  24. Combine Name and Spit to name Surname
  25. Combine Water and Water to make Lake
  26. Combine Fire and Earth to make Lava
  27. Combine Lava and Water to make Stone
  28. Combine Stone and Lake to make Lighthouse
  29. Combine Stone and Stone to make Boulder
  30. Combine Boulder and Lighthouse to make Statue of Liberty
  31. Combine Statue of Liberty and Water to make New York
  32. Combine New York and Fire to make 9/11
  33. Combine 9/11 and 9/11 to make 9/22
  34. Combine 9/22 and 9/22 to make 18/44
  35. Combine 18/44 and Fire to make 22
  36. Combine 9/22 and 22 to make 1
  37. Then finally, combine Surname and 1 to make 1st

From here on out, we can easily create letters.

How to Make Letters in Infinite Craft

Letters in Infinite Craft
Letters in Infinite Craft

Now you must combine 1st with Letter to make A, then combine 2nd with Letter to make B, and so on. To make things like 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, stack 1st with each other to go up a digit, like mixing 1st and 1st will get you 2nd, and mixing 1st and 2nd will get you 3rd, etc.

And that’s all you need to know to make Letters in Infinite Craft! If you want to create other things in the game, check out Infinite Craft – How To Make A Goldfish

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