How To Breed Anubis Palworld: Fenglope Boss Fight Location in Palworld

How To Breed Anubis and Fenglope Boss Fight Location
How To Breed Anubis and Fenglope Boss Fight Location

Palworld offers several thrilling boss fights for the player, and Fenglope stands out as one of the more challenging encounters. Engaging in battle with Fenglope provides an exciting and formidable experience. There are over a hundred Pals currently in the game, each Pal being unique in its attributes, and Fenglope stands out as one of the best ones.

In addition to going through everything you need to know about finding, capturing, and battling Fenglope in Palworld, we’ll also be diving into how you can obtain the rare Abunis Pal using the breeding mechanic.

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Who is Fenglope in Palworld?

Fenglope in Palworld
Fenglope in Palworld

Fenglope is an antilope wind spirit. It is a neutral element pal, and in the PalDex it is marked as no .#093. It is a high-level rare Pal that is quite difficult to find and capture thanks to it being confirmed to be an endangered species. However, players have several reasons for potentially wanting to capture this elusive Pal. Its rare status is justified due to the substantial rewards the player is granted in return for its capture.

In terms of appearance, Fenglope has a blue, deer-shaped body, two antlers, and white fur on its chest, all of which give it a beautiful and majestic appearance. Due to its beauty, it is often the target of poachers who hunt it for its fur and horns. Fans of the genre were quick to also pick up that the design of Fenglope was heavily inspired by the Pokemon ‘Cobalion’ as the two share similar features.

Fenglope was first introduced in the early access version As the player levels up with this Pal, they unlock certain abilities that greatly aid the player during a fight, making Fenglope an even more versatile battle and travel partner. 

Where to find Fenglope in Palworld?

battling fenglope in palworld
Battling Fenglope in Palworld

On the map, players will find a fast travel marker that will lead them to Ascetic Falls. Of course, if you haven’t unlocked the fast travel statue yet then you’ll have to do so manually by walking there and interacting with the statue. 

From there, the players will need to fall from the cliff onto the flowing river by the waterfall. Behind the waterfall, the players will find a hidden cave that will be surprisingly deep. Keep going deeper into the cave until you eventually come across Fenglope looking for a boss battle.

There have been reports of players encountering a glitch where Fenglope doesn’t spawn, but this can usually be fixed by restarting the game. In other cases, if players don’t find Fenglope, it could also mean that someone else on the server has already encountered and defeated it. If such is the case, Fenglope will automatically respawn after roughly an hour.

Tips for beating Fenglope in Palworld

Players will encounter a level 25 Fenglope inside the cave we mentioned above. Since the Pal is a neutral type, players should use a dark-type Pal like Daedream against it, which will further their chances of winning the battle. You shouldn’t just rely on your Pal, however, as using weapons can make the battle significantly easier. 

To capture it, it is recommended to use Pal spheres of tier “legendary” or higher as it increases the chances of capture by a lot. However, an uncommon sphere like the Giga sphere could also work if the player manages to bring down Fenglope’s health. by a good but. Just be sure you don’t accidentally kill it, as otherwise, you’ll have to wait for an entire hour for it to respawn.

Keep in mind that During the fight, Fenglope will use moves such as Acid Rain and Aqua Gun, followed by Cloud Tempest. Be sure to build your strategy accordingly, and try taking a friend or two with you to make the fight a cakewalk.   

Once the player has successfully captured Fenglope, they are granted what is arguably the best ground mount in Palworld. Fenglope’s speed and double jump ability provide a huge advantage during travel which the players are sure to enjoy. It can also be used for lumbering at the player base, though most players prefer to keep the Pal close as a makeshift travel vehicle.

It is also a formidable Pal for battle. As the player levels up, they unlock certain skills such as Aqua burst, Blizzard spike, and Pal blast, all of which equal or exceed 100 in power. If this game had the concept of legendary Pals, then Fenglope would definitely be legendary.

How to Breed Anubis in Palworld?

Image of Anubis from Palworld
Anubis from Palworld

If you’re a Pokemon fan then it’s very likely that you must have seen the Pokemon Lucario. After all, Lucario had an entire movie based on it back when the anime was in its Sinnoh era. Well, while Palworld doesn’t have Lucario, it does have the next best thing; Anubis.

Unfortunately, catching Anubis in Palworld is far from easy, as the Pal shows up as a level 47 boss in the central desert. This means most players will likely come across this Pal after completing the current campaign content. Well, if you’re familiar with the concept of breeding in Palworld to obtain Pal eggs, you’ll know the method we’re about to go through to help you acquire Anibus early.

Anubis Breeding Combinations

There are hundreds of different breeding combinations players can utilize to obtain seemingly random Pals. However, we have some breeding combinations that don’t include Anubis but can still yield an Anubis egg.

  • Penking and Bushi
  • Quivern and Chillet
  • Ragnahawk and Tombat
  • Kitsun and Jormuntide
  • Broncherry and Relaxaurus
  • Rushoar and Suzaku Aqua
  • Celeray and Menasting
  • Gobfin and Suzak

Keep in mind that these combinations aren’t guaranteed to give you an Anubis egg, and having Anubis be a parent significantly increases the chances of obtaining an egg of the desert Pal. Additionally, if you want to successfully breed two Pals then it’s crucial that one of the Pal be a male and the other be a female.

This concludes our guide on both how to capture Fenglope and how to breed Anubis. If you have any questions at all, be sure to let us know in the comments and we’ll definitely get back to you as soon as we can to ensure you get the Pals you want. In the meantime, consider learning about the strongest Pals in Palworld to ensure you don’t lose a single boss fight.

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