Palworld Bat VS Spear: Best Melee Weapon in Palworld

Palworld Bat VS Spear
Palworld Bat VS Spear

Palworld Bat VS Spear: Palworld has taken the world by storm despite only being in early access. As players are roaming the world and discovering new things, they’re also acquiring new weapons they can utilize to defeat both humans and enemy Pals alike. Although using Pals to defeat enemies is all well and good, it’s also possible (and recommended) to use weapons.

Therein lies the question of the day; which weapon is the best in Palworld? Is it the bat that we get near the start of the game or the spear we can craft using minimal resources? Well, you probably won’t be surprised to learn it’s neither of these as the best sword in Palworld is something else entirely.

To learn about the best melee weapons in Palworld all you have to do is keep reading! Of course, we’ll specifically talk about the differences between the bat and the spear first to ensure there’s no confusion!

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Difference Between Bat and Spear in Palworld

Spear in Palworld
A Spear in Palworld

Now, to start, let us go through both the bat and the spear in Palworld to see how they compare with each other. The bat is what you might call an upgraded version of the club, which was likely the first weapon you crafted in the game. The weapon hits hard and fast, but it doesn’t have too much range.

Speaking of range, that’s where the spear excels. Although the spear doesn’t do nearly as much damage as the bat, its excellent range makes it great for players wanting to keep a distance while still dealing damage to the enemy.

Moving on to the unlocking requirements and resources required to craft both of these, you’ll likely unlock the spear first as it becomes available at level four and only requires two Technology Points. The resource requirement might be a little hefty for some people, as the spear requires 18 pieces of wood plus 6 stones, but these are both fortunately pretty common materials so you probably won’t have to search too much.

Up next is the bat, which unlocks at level seven, and the recipe doesn’t get available before that. Fortunately, the bat only requires one Technology Point, and since you acquire these points every time you level up you can theoretically unlock it as soon as you hit the required level. The resource cost might be 30 Wood and 10 Stone, but at level seven you probably won’t have to spend any time at all to collect these.

Which is Better: The Bat or the Spear?

It’s time for the million dollar question; which weapon is better in Palworld between the bat and the spear? Well, it’s a little difficult to tell since they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The bat has to be used at close range and doesn’t unlock until later in the game, but it hits harder than the spear. The spear, meanwhile, doesn’t hit as hard but it allows players to keep their range and unlocks relatively early in the game.

This might feel like cheating, but if you ask us then the better weapon is the spear. Not the regular spear, though. We’re talking about the metal spear that unlocks at level 13 and requires two Technology Points. Not only does this version of the spear allow you to keep your distance but it’s also stronger than the regular spear.

Of course, the metal spear isn’t without its faults either, as you not only need to have already built a High Quality Workbench to craft one, but also have 27 Wood, 12 Stone, and 10 Ingots. Ingots aren’t easy at all to acquire since you need to craft them yourself, so you might have to work a little hard to get this excellent weapon. The refined version is even better, but we’ll get into that in a bit.

Best Melee Weapons in Palworld

Stun Baton in Palworld
Stun Baton in Palworld

Now that we’ve gone through the differences between the bat and spear while coming at an unexpected victor, it’s time we go decide which weapon deserves to be called the best weapon in Palworld. To make things easier, we’ll be ranking down our picks for the three best weapons in the game.

#3: Stun Baton

The third best weapon in Palworld has to be the stun baton. You acquire this weapon once you reach level 22, and as the name suggests, it emits electric shocks that damage any enemy you strike with it. Perhaps the best thing about this melee weapon is that Pals that have been shocked are much easier to capture, making this an invaluable weapon for Pal hunters.

Of course, the shock status effect can be a game-changer and your best friend when taking on difficult bosses and Pals. While you need a High Quality Workbench for this as well, you probably won’t have to worry about it at the level you’ll be at when you unlock it. What you WILL have to worry about is the resource cost.

The stun baton demands 20 Ingots and 20 Electric Organs, and these special organs can only either be farmed from specific Pals or bought from merchants.

#2: Refined Metal Spear

After reaching level 34, you unlock the refined metal spear. As the name suggests, this is the metal spear but refines. Not only does this require three Technology Points, but you also need to have built the Production Assembly Line, which might cause some players to struggle.

While the same 36 Wood and 18 Stone required to craft the metal spear should be a piece of cake for you at this level, the problem comes when you start collecting 10 Refined Ingots as they require you to build an Improved Furnace.

#1: Sword

Come on, how could any other weapon besides the sword get the title of the best melee weapon in Palworld? While this melee weapon is undoubtedly unbeatable by any other weapon in the game, it comes at a heavy cost. The first is that it unlocks at level 44, which means most players won’t even unlock the recipe for this excellent weapon.

After you unlock the sword with three Technology Points, you need to have the Weapon Workbench already built. Up next, it’s time to collect the required resources. 20 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Refined Ingots are what you’ll need to craft a sword, and while wood and stone should be no problem at all at level 44, refined ingots could prove to be annoying.

With this, we’ve gone through all of the strongest melee weapons in Palworld. Do you agree with our picks, or does the high level requirement of the swor bump its rating down for you? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, check out Palworld Best Pals For Combat: Strongest Pals In Palworld.

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