Fortnite FNCS 2024: Prize Money, Schedule and Watch

Fortnite FNCS 2024 Prize Money Schedule and Watch

The Fortnite FNCS 2024 championship is happening in the very month of the year, and the schedule shall carry on till the middle of this leap year. The tournament is to happen with small structural changes taking the gaming to another height. This guide will take you into the depths of the details you must know about Fortnite FNCS 2024, its prize money, schedule, and how to watch it live.

How to Qualify for Fortnite FNCS 2024

This is a duo tournament, as per Epic’s announcement that says, “Duos format is here to stay.” For the players to be able to participate and qualify for the tournament, they must reach the Platinum 1 rank in ranked battle royale

Structural Changes in Fortnite FNCS 2024

Unlike the previous year’s FNCS championship, this year, the players will need to compete through three Majors for qualification, though the structure of the majors will remain the same as the previous year. Another change made to the structure is the removal of the Last Chance Major, so the players must make the three majors count if they are to be qualified. In each major, duos in the same region will compete against each other for points.

When is Fortnite FNCS Major 1 2024 Happening

The championship is due to start in the last week of January. The tournament starts formally on January 26 with the commencement of its very first major. The three majors will be concluded by July.

For each major, there will be an Open Qualifier. In this open qualifier, the duos compete to gain as many points as they can based on their performance. The open qualifier is then followed by LowerSemi-Finalss Round 1 and UpperSemi-Finalss Round 1. In these semis, the duos compete their muscles against the duos of their ranking on the points table. At the end, 50 final duos will compete in the Grand Final Round.

Here’s a breakdown of each major to take place with their dates happenings

Major 1

  • Open Qualifier Matches will take place between January 26 and February 4
  • It is then followed by a Bye Week between 5-15 February
  • Then comes the Semis rounds dated to happen between 16-18 February
  • At the end comes the Grand Finals on 25 and 25 February

Major 2

  • Open Qualifier: Starts from April 12 and ends on April 21
  • Bye Week: Ranges between April 22 to May 2
  • Semis Rounds: From May 3 to May 5
  • Grand Finals: On 11th and 12th May

Major 3

  • Open Qualifier: Starts on June 14 and ends on June 23
  • Bye Week: Starts on June 24 and ends on July 18
  • Semis Rounds: Between July 19 and July 21
  • Grand Finals: On July 27th and 28th

Fortnite FNCS Championship Prize Pool:

As majestic as always, the prize pool for this FNCS Championship 2024 is $7,675,000.

Where to Watch Fortnite FNCS 2024 Live:

The FNCS 2024 will be streamed online at multiple platforms listed below

Other ways of watching the live stream include the Legends Landing, which is a creative map with an island code 3303-7480-5925.


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