Starfield 2024 Major Updates: (Big Updates Here)

Starfield 2024 Major Updates
Starfield 2024: Updates Reveal

Starfield 2024 Major Updates: Starfield, launched in September 2023, quickly received immense love for its unparalleled cosmic adventure. With over 1000 different Planets, players have quite a lot of things to do, as they fly their spaceship to different locations looking for the artifacts. However, similar to other big releases, the Starfield release was no exception and came with several bugs.

Responding to the audience’s passion for the game and the growing popularity of interstellar titles, Bethesda announced in late 2023 a series of regular updates for 2024 to address these issues and enhance the cosmic adventure. In this guide, we’ll delve into the upcoming Starfield 2024 major updates, with a focus on the highly anticipated first major update.

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Starfield 2024 Major Updates

Starfield 2024 Major Updates
Starfield 2024: Major Updates

Starfield, undoubtedly, has been one of the major releases of 2023, which we all have enjoyed thoroughly. However, this release came up with a lot of bugs, which no one was expecting as Bethesda took years building Starfield.

Currently, encountering a random bug in Starfield is no surprise. Bugs are showing up in different quests, then in data transfer, some graphical glitches, and the most annoying ones that are completely hindering players’ interstellar progression.

Bethesda, thus, has decided to provide all the players with a better experience, and thus has announced the release of a new update everywhere 6 weeks starting from February 2024. These releases will gradually cater to all the errors, thus minimizing the disruptions and taking your Interstellar journey to another level.

These Starfield 2024 major updates are expected to bring in new city maps, innovative travel methods, enhanced ship customization, and additional gameplay options to fine-tune difficulty settings. Furthermore, the launch of Creations brings official mod support, opening up a realm of creative possibilities for players.

Starfield 2024: First Major Update

Starfield 2024 Major Updates
Starfield 2024: First Major Update Steam Beta (Source – Bethesda Studios)

Starfield 2024, the first major update is going to be released very soon on 17th January 2024. However, as mentioned above these Starfield 2024 major updates were supposed to start from February, then what’s this first major update release?

As announced by Bethesda on its X account, the release on 17th January 2024, is just a beta release of the first major update that is going to come after 2 weeks in February 2024.

Thus, all the Starfield PC players, get ready, as you guys can get your hands on Starfield 2024 first major update, right after three days. However, before that make sure you’ve enabled settings, so your Starfield runs better on the PC.

How To Access The First Major Update’s Steam Beta?

Excited to see what the first Starfield 2024 major updates holds for you. Here’s how you can access the beta-steam version:

  • Locate the Starfield icon on your PC.
  • Right-click on the Starfield, and a menu will pop up.
  • Select Properties and another menu will appear.
  • Choose “Betas“, and again you will see a drop-down menu.
  • Now, hit beta-Beta, and the download will begin.
  • Launch Starfield and enjoy the newly enhanced interstellar adventure.

Everything That The Update Offers

As announced by Bethesda, the Steam beta of Starfield’s first major update of 2024, will come with more than 100 different fixes and improvements, which is a huge number to be claimed by the makers.

These fixes include improved graphics with the help of widescreen support, better lighting, better shadows, and some better textures. The Steam Beta of the first major update is expected to come with the following major error fixes:

  • Quest fixes including the Eye of the Storm, preventing the progression.
  • Data transfer not transferring” will be resolved.
  • Temples located in “Into the Unknown” will now appear correctly, thus Constellation won’t be stuck.
  • Sun disk geometry.
  • Planet Ring Shadows and other similar phenomena.
  • No more asteroids will stuck in the ship.

Apart from these, additional fixes have been implemented, addressing issues such as bulldozed objects reappearing upon returning to an Outpost, ship hatches being incorrectly marked as inaccessible, and various other improvements. This update is set to significantly enhance the overall gaming experience, making Starfield a seamless and glitch-free interstellar adventure.

With all these updates going to be released soon after every six weeks and bringing in a variety of new features, a new story DLC “Shattered Space“, is also expected to come somewhere in the middle of 2024. Although currently, there is no confirmed news regarding it, we will let you know about it as soon as Bethesda confirms the news.


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