How To Find All Snow Globes In Starfield – Complete Guide

All Snow Globes Location In Starfield

The recently released game from the popular Bethesda group, Starfield, has captivated players with its vast universe and exquisite characteristics. Collectibles all through the myriad of objectives and adventures players may undertake give another dimension of excitement and exploration to the gameplay.

The assortment of snow globes location in Starfield is one wonderful assortment of souvenirs; each one is meticulously connected to a real-world place and comes with an intriguing tale. We will lead you through the expanse of Starfield in this in-depth guide, revealing the mysteries of each snow globe and the exciting search for them.

How To Find All Snow Globes Location In Starfield

 All Snow Globes Location In Starfield
How To Find All Snow Globes Location In Starfield

Before getting into the details of each snow globe, it’s important to understand the lure that these collectibles have for players. Snow globes in Starfield are not like regular in-game items that improve a character’s skills or provide strategic advantages; instead, they are sentimental keepsakes that bring players back to Earth.

These intricate artifacts provide a special combination of aesthetic appeal and emotive worth because of their elaborate designs and connections to actual locations. The fun part of finding and gathering these little worlds across Starfield is much more important than using them to your benefit in the game.

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1. Empire State Building (New York)

  • Book Title: Our Lost Heritage

Location: The MAST building in New Atlantis is where you find this snow globes location in Starfield. First, Go to Central Command and look for the book Our Lost Heritage in the main office. Be careful since taking the book is considered stealing. You’ll get the Earth’s coordinates for the Empire State Building when you read the book. At the base of the iconic tower, the snow globe can be found for you.

2. The Giza Pyramids in Cairo

All Snow Globes Location In Starfield
The Giza Pyramids in Cairo
  • Book Title: The Ancient Civilization of Egypt

Location: To find this snow globe location, go to Space Pirates or Akila City Bookstore on occasion. To discover coordinates on Earth, read the book. Land and go to the bigger pyramid to find the snow globe located a little distance above.

3. St. Louis Gateway Arch (St. Louis)

  • Book Title: The Price of Destiny

Location: Neon City; enter the club, approach Benjamin Bayu, pick his pockets for his penthouse key, and take the book off of his desk. Locate the St. Louis Gateway Arch by exploring the new point of interest on Earth. Find the snow globe at the arch’s base.

4. US Bank Tower (Los Angeles)

  • Book Title: Hope Family Tree

Location: As part of the Freestar Rangers questline, Ron Hope’s office is the location of this snow globe. Get the book and go to the landing area in Los Angeles. On a rock at the foot of the tower, locate the snow globe.

5. The Shard (London)

All Snow Globes Location In Starfield
The Shard (London)
  • Book Title: Oliver Twist

Location: Inside your parent’s house or Akila City Bookstore, you will get this snow globe. Get the book and find the snow globe on a rock at the foot of The Shard. Be patient, since it may be a little difficult to find.

6. NASA Launch Tower

  • Book Title: Not required.

Location: Players must go to an abandoned NASA launch pad for the main mission. If you climb the enormous building at the top, you’ll find another snow globe. Find the snow globe on a desk in a room with a computer that seems like it was built in the 1990s.

7. Burj Khalifa (Dubai)

All Snow Globes Location In Starfield
Burj Khalifa (Dubai)
  • Book Title: Race to the Heavens

Location: After finishing a Crimson Fleet faction objective, you may find the Siren of the Stars ship in Room 5 of the living quarters. Go to the Earth-based Dubai landing location, where a rock on the tower’s far side holds the Burj Khalifa snow globe.

8. Shanghai Tower (Shanghai)

  • Book Title: Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics

Location: Porrima II in the Porrima System; locate the book next to the blackboard in a classroom after docking with an unidentified spacecraft. Find the snow globe on a large rock close to the Shanghai Tower’s base by reading the book and marking the structure on Earth.

9. Abeno Harukas (Osaka)

  • Book Title: Diary of Kyosuke Nagata

Location: The Key, Delgado’s residence; take the book from his desk is where you find this snow globes location in Starfield. At the foot of the tower, find the Osaka snow globe perched on angular pebbles.

10. Hong Kong Commerce Center (Hong Kong)

All Snow Globes Location In Starfield
Hong Kong Commerce Center (Hong Kong)
  • Book Title: Maurice Lyon’s Journal

Location: The journal is located on a shelf that leads to the colony’s museum. is located in the New Homestead on Titan, the moon of Saturn. The journal discloses the Earth’s commerce center’s position. The snow globe is right in front of you as you arrive, making it difficult to overlook.

11. Apollo Moon Landing (Luna)

All Snow Globes Location In Starfield
Apollo Moon Landing (Luna)
  • Book Title: Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal

Location: Find the site of the Apollo Moon Landing by searching for the book, which is kept in Matteo’s chamber at the lodge. At the specified spot, the snow globe is perched on the rover.

12. Mars’ Opportunity Rover

Location: The MER Program display can be found on the exhibit floor, where players may also interact with the Mars rover module. This is the same building as the NASA snow globe.  You may locate the last snow globe in Starfield at a new landing location on Mars.


To sum up, finding every snow globes location in Starfield is more than simply an online game with virtual awards; it’s a space adventure that engrosses players in an intricately designed cosmos.  Let the hunt for snow globes serve as a reminder of the extent of the universe and the marvels that lie ahead as you set out on your Starfield expedition.

Every snow globe on your interplanetary adventure, whether it be atop the famous Empire State Building or tucked away at the foot of the Shanghai Tower, has a unique story to tell, giving it more depth and significance. Thus, space travelers, pay attention to the coordinates and treasure the

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