Where is GTA 6 Located? Map Details and Location Revealed

GTA 6 - Where is it Located

Grand Theft Auto, better known as GTA, is an open-world sandbox action-adventure video game franchise made by Rockstar, and it’s one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time where each new installment is highly anticipated in the gaming community.

There’s been speculation regarding the location of GTA 6 for years, and then Rockstar confirmed its location in the game’s trailer. The trailer and the leaks give us clues regarding Rockstar’s take on Florida and what areas we can explore.

In this article, we’ll look at where the game will take place and discuss what we know about GTA 6’s huge map.

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Where is GTA 6 Located?

Since Rockstar has confirmed that Vice City will be an area in GTA 6, it’s pretty clear that the GTA 6 map will take place in the developer’s take on Miami, Florida. GTA 6 won’t be the first time we’ve seen Miami in the GTA world, as it was the main area in 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Vice City is a satirical take on Miami, and it’s been a popular setting in the GTA franchise since its inception.

The reason why Vice City is so popular is due to Miami’s features. Things like the city’s beaches, nightlife, and the criminal underworld make it so popular. The mentioned elements were perfectly shown in GTA: Vice City and fans couldn’t be more excited to see what else Rockstar has been cooking.

Miami also has a rich history, which Rockstar can take loads of inspiration from. We’ve seen Miami-like features in the GTA 6 trailer, like the people present or the animals there.

What Do We Know About The GTA 6 Map?

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked map
Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked map

All of this information comes from leaks, rumors, and the trailer, and using all of these, we’ll piece together information regarding the map for GTA 6. For starters, the game will be in Florida, and Vice City will be a part of it. The map might also include other real-world locations from Florida, such as the Everglades or the Florida Keys.

Some of the rumored elements of the GTA 6 map include:

At least three settlements

The GTA 6 leaked map, created by the community, shows off three major areas in Florida. One of them is Vice City, then there’s Port Gellhorn, an industrial town around a large port, and Homestead, a small town on the south of the map.

An Airport

Airports have been in tons of GTA games, but what’s special about the one seen in the GTA 6 leaks is that it’s an Inland airport, meaning it’ll be landlocked. Rockstar is probably working on making the new airport similar to its real-life airport,  the Miami International Airport, which is also inland.

Various islands

All GTA maps have always been on an island, like how GTA 4’s map, Liberty City, features three big islands, or GTA 5’s Los Santos is one huge island. 

Rumors say the GTA 6 map might have multiple islands, and these will include Vice City as well. If Rockstar goes through with it and has multiple islands, the GTA 6 map will closely resemble real-life Miami, which also has several islands.

Swamp Region

A feature that might appear in GTA 6 is the inclusion of a big swamp area that might resemble the real-life Floria wetlands and have creatures like alligators. The GTA 6 trailer also showed this region, so the Everglades-inspired place will likely come to the game.

A Huge Lake

The final thing that might come to the GTA 6 map is a huge lake near the north of the map. There isn’t a lot known about the lake except that it’s massive. This lake might be based on a real-life lake called Okeechobee. The in-game name for this lake hasn’t been revealed. But the community has nicknamed it Lake Leonida.

It’s important to note that all the information we have discussed is based on speculation and leaks and that Rockstar hasn’t explicitly confirmed anything. However, the rumors suggest that the map will be huge and diverse and might contain plenty of environments to travel around.

That’s all we know about the GTA 6 map and where it will be! If you have more questions regarding the title, check out Can My PC Run GTA 6? Ultimate Guide To GTA 6 PC System Requirements.

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