Warframe How To Get The Game Awards Twitch Drops Free 2023

The well-liked free-to-play online game Warframe is expected to have a significant presence at the 2023 Game Awards. During the event, players will have the exciting chance to obtain a unique Twitch drop. The rare Sevagoth frame, a valuable item in the Warframe world, is part of this drop. We will walk you through the steps in this post on Warframe how to get the Game Awards Twitch Drops free, and we will also go over other ways to get Sevagoth in case you miss it.

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Warframe How To Get The Game Awards Twitch Drops Free

Warframe How To Get The Game Awards Twitch Drops free
Warframe How To Get The Game Awards Twitch Drops (Source – Gamingjolt)

Warframe’s Sevagoth Twitch drop is set to launch on December 7 at 7:30 PM ET during The Game Awards. To guarantee this special drop, do the following actions:

Visit the official Game Awards Twitch account to watch the live feed of the event. Make sure you get to the channel in time to see the particular Warframe section.

You must watch the Warframe part of The Game Awards broadcast for at least 30 minutes in order to be eligible for the Sevagoth Twitch drop. This is a simple prerequisite to take part in the drop.

Make sure your Twitch account and Warframe account are connected before the event. You may finish this joining procedure by using the official Warframe account linking website. Making sure the Twitch drop is properly credited to your Warframe account is ensured by this important step.

You will be able to claim the Warframe Twitch drop if you have successfully watched the broadcast for the allotted amount of time, according to a message that will show up on your Twitch account. Go to Twitch’s Drops & Rewards page to get your special Sevagoth drop.

The Sevagoth frame, which is usually difficult to gain via normal gaming, will be added to your collection of Warframes after it is claimed. Seize the chance to improve your Warframe experience while it lasts.

What Happens If the Sevagoth Twitch Drop Is Missed?

There’s still hope if you or your companion happen to miss the Sevagoth Twitch drop at The Game Awards. In the Warframe world, there are other ways to get Sevagoth. Here’s a quick rundown:

Make sure that the Rising Tide quest has advanced and that you have completed creating your Railjack spaceship. Getting Sevagoth requires completing this task.

The Call of the Tempestarii quest must be completed in order to get the primary blueprint for Sevagoth. The completion of this mission is essential to opening Sevagoth.

Complete Void Storm missions in the Pluto, Neptune, and Veil Proximas zones to get the component blueprints needed to build Sevagoth. You’re getting closer to finishing Sevagoth’s construction with every mission that you complete.

Even if there are other options, playing the game traditionally might take a while to get Sevagoth. On the other hand, the Twitch decrease provides a major benefit in terms of time savings. It’s a great incentive for players who take part in The Game Awards broadcast because it gives them a quick route to obtaining the coveted Sevagoth frame.


With Warframe being present at The Game Awards 2023, players will have the thrilling chance to win the coveted Sevagoth frame via a unique Twitch drop. Players may simply get this special award and improve their Warframe experience by following the instructions provided. There are other options available for those who miss the Twitch drop, however, they take more time and work. To sum up, Warframe how to Get the Game Awards Twitch Drops free is a great way to encourage fans of Warframe to participate in The Game Awards and reap the benefits it offers the gaming community.

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