Penguin In Palworld: The Best Penguin Revealed [Comprehensive Guide]

Penguin in Palworld are considered to be valuable companions as they offer unique attributes and features that can help you in a range of water-related and aquatic activities.

This guide will explain everything thing about Penguin in Palworld, including the best attributes, and go over the process of evolving a Penguin into Penking.

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Penguin In Palworld Explained

Penguin In Palworld Explained
What Are Penguin In Palworld?

Penguins in Palworld are pals that can assist you in your base tasks and also come in handy in battles. There are two different types of penguins available in the game: Pengullet and Penking.

Pengullet is the base form of a Penguin in Palworld, whereas Penking is the evolved form. Read on to learn all about both of them.

1. Pengullet

Penguin in Palworld
Penguin in Palworld: Pengullet Stats

Pengullet is a common penguin Pal (base form of Penguins) in Palworld, and it possesses the following traits.

  • Watering
  • Cooling
  • Transporting
  • Handiwork

These pals can help you with tasks, including obtaining the Paldium Fragments and watering Berry Plantations. They further help you operate a crusher as well, resulting in the Paldium Fragments.

Furthermore, Pengullet has decent defense stats and helps you in battles as well. All in all, they are excellent all-rounder Pals to have on your side.

2. Penking

Penking is the evolved and the stronger form of Pengullet and is also a penguin pal in Palworld. It possesses a range of enhanced abilities compared to that of its previous form.

Penguin in Palworld
Penguin in Palworld: Penking Stats

It possesses similar traits to that of the Pengullet; however, these traits would be at level 2. It has the following traits

  • Watering
  • Cooling
  • Transporting
  • Handiwork

This makes Penking a decent Pal, but evolving a Pengullet into a Penking is not a straightforward task.

These distant abilities and stats make both of the penguins rather sort-after pals in Palworld. However, this will make you wonder which is the better pal out of the two penguins. Continue reading to find out.

The Best Penguin In Palworld

The Best Penguin In Palworld
The Best Penguin In Palworld: Penking

In Palworld, Penking is by far the better Penguin. It is a top-tier penguin Pal with enhanced traits, making it an extremely effective and highly versatile option that can prove to be handy in various scenarios.

It has better base management skills; for instance, its level 2 Handiwork trait can help you handle any sort of handle crafting and construction efficiently. Moreover, it also offers decent transporting abilities that can help you move items around and help you organize your base more efficiently.

The Watering trait it offers is your bread and butter, as you will be relying on it for Berry Plantations. Furthermore, the all-important mining trait will help you gather resources to keep an overall prosperous base.

When it comes to the battlefield, Penking will be on top even in heated encounters, proving to be a proper, well-rounded choice. However, on the downside, it is difficult to evolve a Pengullet, but nonetheless, it is well worth the effort.

How To Catch Penking In Palworld

Here is how to catch a penguin in Palworld. Simply follow these tips, and by the end of it, you’ll have the cute little pal by your side.

1. Penguin  Location

Penguin In Palworld
Penking Spawning Location In Palworld

Penking can be found on the islands on the southeast part of the map. However, your best bet is the Alpha encounter northeast of the Abandoned Mineshaft. It almost always has Penguins around.

Since Penking is a boss in the game, it is recommended that you head to the location prepared for a battle. You should be adequately leveled with equipment to have chances of victory.

2. Engaging Penking

When you reach the location, you will see Penking around the area. They will be at level 25 on average. You should pick a target to proceed and engage in battle.

However, before you charge on the Penking, make sure that you have a sufficient number of Pal spheres around to help you capture the Penkin.

You need to take a few seconds to learn the attack patterns of the Penkin and then reposition yourself to avoid those attacks. Just be patient and dodge the attacks, and when you see an opening, go for a counterattack.

3. Attempt A Capture

You simply need to inflict damage to the Penking, and once its health drops significantly, you can proceed to attempt a capture. If you’re successful, you will obtain the Penking.

In case you fail to capture the Penking on your first attempt, you should inflict more damage and reduce its health further before having to recapture it.

3. Hatch From An Egg

Penguin In Palworld
Penguin In Palworld: Hatch Penking From An Egg

If you’re just starting out Palworld and are looking for a Penking, you should consider seeking out a Large Damp Egg as an alternative. This is an excellent method to acquire a Penking early on.

If you’re on a lower level and do not have the appropriate weapons to take down Penking, hatching it from an egg is the best option. You should look out for the Large Damp Egg.

Once you get to it, deposit the dump into the Egg Incubator and wait for around 40 minutes. Subsequently, you can hatch the egg after waiting, and if you’re lucky, you can obtain a Penking.

That’s all there is to know about the Penguin in Palworld. If you’re looking for more content on the Palworld, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide, How To Breed Anubis Palworld: Fenglope Boss Fight Location In Palworld.

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