Jetragon in Palworld: Breeding Recipe and Location

Jetragon Palworld Breeding Recipe and location

Legendary Pals in Palworld are very few in number, and the rarity comes with some exceptional difficulty. Jetragon in Palworld is one of the legendary pals and requires a handsome amount of effort to catch. Here, you’ll learn every detail of Jetragon and how to catch it alongside its location in Palworld and the procedure to breed them.

Characteristics of Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon is one of the most difficult dragon bosses to defeat in Palworld. It is a dragon type pal and falls into the category of legendary pals. Found in the volcanic regions, the pal is accessible at level 50 in Palworld. Jetragon in Palworld is a boss that can be used as a mount to be ridden. It has the ability to launch aerial strikes while flying. It includes Pure Quartz, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, and Diamond as its potential drops with a food level of 9/10.

Jetragon Location in Palworld

Jetragon in Palworld Location
Jetragon Location on Map in Palword

To be able to face Jetragon, you will need to go to the southwestern volcano region on the map. It can be found at Mount Obsidian in that volcanic region. The scorching region of residence of Jetragon forces the players to wear the heat-resistant armor to be able to bear the heat.

In order to get to the spawn location of Jetragon in Palworld, you must unlock fast travel in the game. Once you have unlocked the facility of fast travel, head towards the Beach of Everlasting Summer, which seems to be the closest fast travel point from Jetragon’s location. You can explore the Interactive Palworld Map to get a better approximation of the location.

How to Catch Jetragon in Palworld

Once you have got to the location of Jetragon in Palworld, indulge yourself in a fight against it to catch it. The only way to get a Jetragon pal is by defeating it in a battle. Jetragon will put on a good and tough show against you since it is a legendary pal. Jetragon is a dragon type pal, thus weaker against the ice type pals. You can find more about the weaknesses and strengths of other pals from this Pals types chart.

Strategies to Defeat Jetragon in Palworld

The first step of a successful encounter with a Jetragon is the deployment of an ice-type pal against it. Here a few pals that you can put against Jetragon in Palworld. 

  • Chillet
  • Vanwyrm Cryst
  • Ice Reptyro
  • Wumpo
  • Forstallion

Before you get yourself against the legendary boss, the best strategy would be to weaken it beforehand. For this purpose, you should be able to deal a good amount of damage to the boss from a distance. This can be done with the help of an Assault Riffle. Assault rifles are a great medium for landing headshots at the boss from a distance. Lure the boss away from its spawn point and weaken it to the maximum extent before getting your companion pal into action. 

How to Ride Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon is one of the fastest flying mounts in Palworld and can be ridden once you have unlocked the Jetragon’s Missle Launcher. It can be found in Pal Gear Workbench and requires a level of 50. It requires a few resources to unlock Jetragon’s Missile Launcher, including 100 Leather, 200 Refined Ignot, 50 Circuits, and 140 Paladuim Fragments. Once you have unlocked the launcher, you can fly the pal and launch missiles around.

How to Breed Jetragon in Palworld

Breeding in Palworld allows the players to get eggs of pals and, ultimately, the offspring. To breed Jetragons in Palworld, the first must-have is a Breeding Pen at your base. If you don’t have it at your base, you need to build one in order to start the breeding process. The next and obvious step in the process is the possession of at least one male and a female Jetragon. Once you have got your hands on a pair of Jetragons, assign it to the breeding pen to initiate the process.

Then, add some cake to the breeding pen as it is one of the necessary ingredients in the breeding process. Then, you need to assign your pals manually to start the process. This can take a while, so you can do some other tasks in the game while the breeding is in progress. You’ll also need an egg incubator to hatch the eggs. Once you have got the eggs, interact with the incubator to get your newborn Jetragons.

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