Last Epoch: Peak of the Mountain Location and Stats

Last Epoch Peak of the Mountain Location and Stats
Last Epoch Peak of the Mountain Location and Stats

Last Epoch is quickly becoming what many fans wanted Diablo 4 to be, which is a good and monetization-free hack and slash action role-playing game. One of the stand-out features of this game is how there are so many different types of gear pieces and weapons players can look for and equip for their characters.

One of those gear pieces is called the Peak of the Mountain, and it’s a helm that improves critical hit rates while also being equippable in low levels, a quality that not every gear piece shares. This makes it a potentially permanent item for many players, especially those who are focusing on high-crit builds.

If you’re interested in learning everything about the Peak of the Mountain helm in Last Epoch then look no further as we’re about to go through it right now.

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Peak of the Mountain Stats in Last Epoch

Last Epoch Gameplay
Last Epoch Gameplay

First things first, we figured it might be a good idea to go through the base stats and effects of the Peak of the Mountain helm to ensure those who would actually benefit from it go for it. 

  • The minimum level of this helm is 12, although most players should expect to first acquire the Peak of the Mountain at a level much higher than that.
  • The helm protects against direct damage for a total value of 40, but does not protect against damage over time, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.
  • The critical strike amplification is random, but you can expect it to be anywhere between 240 and 290, making it an excellent helm for high-critical builds.
  • Finally, the other attributes, which are strength, dexterity, intelligence, attunement, and vitality, are also randomized. You can have these stats increase in a range of between two and five.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that the critical strike chance is multiplicative and not a flat additive. This means that the 240% – 290% increase will only be worth it if your initial base critical rate is high, otherwise the percentage increase won’t be anything to write home about.

Peak of the Mountain Location in Last Epoch

Last Epoch official screenshot
Last Epoch official screenshot

With the stats out of the way, it’s time to now go through the helm’s location. Similar to the other pieces in the Mountain set, the Peak of the Mountain helm also drops from the Lightless Arbor Dungeon. The dungeon is typically locked but can be accessed by using special keys that are dropped from the Arena of Champions side activity at the Champion’s Gate. While the drop rate of the keys is rather low, it isn’t so low that you have to grind too much.

With the key acquired, head to the northern part of the Shrouded Ridge in the Ruined Era to enter the Lightless Arbor, which will consume one Lightless Arbor Key. You can set your difficulty at the entrance of the dungeon as long as you don’t get the infamous matchmaking error, and while higher difficulty tiers improve the drop rate, they also make enemies hit harder and have more health, so be sure to set a difficulty that you can handle.

While the entire dungeon is explorable and you can acquire a bunch of excellent gear pieces, rewards, and challenges to overcome, that isn’t what this article is about. That’s right, if you want the Peak of the Mountain, then the only enemy you should go for is The Mountain Beneath boss.

How to Beat The Mountain Beneath Boss

Since The Mountain Beneath is the only enemy who drops the Peak of the Mountain, you’ll have to take him down if you want to get the helm for yourself. Beating this boss is relatively straightforward, as you simply have to focus on his minions that arrive in seemingly random intervals before attacking the boss.

While the boss begins invulnerable, simply destroying the Root Walls around the arena and then casting the unique dungeon ability Burning Amber on the Pyre twice will be enough to morph the boss to his second form, which is called Stone Titan’s Heart.

From here, it’s a matter of surviving his attacks, which should be more than doable as most of his damage type is poison-based, something that can easily be overcome or reduced by using different abilities and gear.

That’s all you need to know about the Peak of the Mountain helm in Last Epoch. Once defeated the Peak of the Mountain boss might drop the helm you’re looking for, and if he doesn’t, you can keep farming until you eventually get your hands on it. For more about Last Epoch, we recommend you check out The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch: How To Defeat Majasa And Apophis.

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