Monopoly GO: Moon Walkers Milestones And Rewards

Monopoly GO: Moon Walkers Milestones And Rewards
Monopoly GO: Moon Walkers Milestones And Rewards

Monopoly GO is a fan-favorite game and is loved by both those who grew up with the classic board game and the new crowd that has never even heard of the original Monopoly. Players need to roll dice in Monopoly GO and a good way to get some free Dice Rolls is by using Dice Links

Something as important as the Dice Rolls is one of the rewards you can manage to get by participating in the Moon Walkers Event. We will be explaining what the Moon Walkers Event is and the Milestones you need to reach along with the rewards they unlock.

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What Is The Moon Walkers Event?

Monopoly GO man and dog walking
Monopoly GO man and dog walking

Moon Walkers is one of the biggest Monopoly GO events of this month and the rewards include up to 16,310 Dice Rolls available to win, a huge amount of cash, sticker packs, and 837 Peg-E Tokens. In this guide, we will be listing all the rewards that you can get and some methods of earning points to get your hands on the rewards this event has to offer.

Monopoly GO Moon Walkers Milestones 

The rewards you can obtain in the Moon Walkers event depend on the milestones you can reach and the points you can acquire. There are a total of 50 different tiers of rewards in the Moon Walkers event that you can obtain and we will list all of them below: 

Milestone Points Moon Walkers Rewards
1 25 Sticker Pack(1 Star)
2 20 7 Peg-E Tokens 
3 40 25 Dice Rolls
4 45 Cash
5 150 90 Dice Rolls
6 40 10 Peg-E Tokens
7 50 15 Minutes Rent Frenzy
8 55 Sticker Pack(1 Star)
9 65 Cash
10 375 220 Dice Rolls
11 60 15 Peg-E Tokens
12 75 Cash 
13 90 Sticker Pack(1 Star)
14 80 20 Peg-E Tokens
15 100 10 Minutes Cash Grab
16 850 475 Dice Rolls
17 100 Sticker Pack(2 Star)
18 110 Cash
19 120 50 Dice Rolls
20 115 35 Peg-E Tokens
21 1,300 700 Dice Rolls
22 150 Sticker Pack(3 Star)
23 160 Cash
24 175 55 Peg-E Tokens
25 200 Cash
26 2,000 900 Dice Rolls
27 275 Sticker Pack(4 Star)
28 300 10 Minutes High Roller
29 325 85 Peg-E Tokens
30 400 100 Dice Rolls
31 1,600 Cash
32 450 150 Dice Rolls
33 500 105 Peg-E Tokens
34 650 Cash
35 750 5 Minutes Cash Boost
36 4,500 1,800 Dice Rolls
37 800 125 Peg-E Tokens
38 900 Cash
39 1,000 Sticker Pack(4 Star)
40 2,000 Cash
41 10,000 3,500 Dice Rolls
42 1,600 Sticker Pack(5 Star)
43 1,700 20 Minutes High Roller
44 1,800 170 Peg-E Tokens
45 7,000 Cash
46 2,000 800 Dice Rolls
47 3,000 Sticker Pack(5 Star)
48 3,500 210 Peg-E Tokens
49 4,000 Cash
50 17,500 7,500 Dice Rolls


How to Earn Points In The Moon Walkers Event?

Monopoly GO man and dog playing
Monopoly GO man and dog playing

There are a few different ways that you can earn points in the Moon Walkers Even but the ways to boost the points are linked with landing on specific tiles. Namely, the Railroad, Community Chest, and Chance tiles offer bonuses when you land on them. 

So, if you are trying for the highest number of points achievable, it is a wise strategy to try and land on those 3 tiles. Additionally, if you manage to increase your Dice multiplier before landing on any of those 3 tiles, you will ensure the most optimal number of points earned. 

Another way to earn points is the making use of the Shutdowns and Bank Heists minigames. Depending on how many points you manage to secure in the minigames, they will accumulate and fill the milestones bar, unlocking rewards with each passed milestone.

This concludes everything we currently know about the Monopoly GO Moon Walkers Milestones. All the rewards that the players can win by acquiring high points have been listed above along with some methods to ensure a high number of points can be collected. For more, be sure to check out the Last Epoch: Peak Of The Mountain Location And Stats.

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