Last Epoch: 5 Best Minion Builds

One of the best things about Last Epoch is the unique implementations of builds and mastery in the game. For instance, you can play the Wraithlord build where you can summon an army of wraiths to fight for you. While there are various builds you can make, it depends on what you want to play for you to properly enjoy the game.

An interesting build to make in Last Epoch is minion builds in which you can summon minions to do your bidding. While there are many different and powerful minion builds for various classes, we will be going over the 5 best minion builds that are our favorite. Continue reading to find out which builds they are and to try them out.

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5 Best Minion Builds In Last Epoch

Last Epoch Classes
Last Epoch Classes

There may be various minion builds that you can make in this Eleventh Hour Games-developed game but each build has something that is better than others. We will be going over the 5 best minion builds that we prefer and you can try out below.

5. Druid Spriggans

The Druid Spriggans build is the most different minion build on this list as it is not too reliant on minions and instead has you fighting alongside them. The build makes use of entangling roots, scorpions, spriggan minions, and even the Druid’s spriggan form. 

The primary method used by this build to deal damage is utilizing poison stacks which are applied by Spriggan Form’s summon vines, entangling roots, serpent strike, and summoned spriggan and scorpion. While the Spriggan Form provides high survivability you can too dependent on the Spriggan Form in this build.

4. Beastmaster Strom Crows

The Beastmaster Storm Crows is unique in the sense that it only uses one type of minion, the storm crows. This build requires great optimization to get running properly but it is an interesting way to play as a Beastmaster. 

The build provides a unique melee minion playstyle and high damage to enemies but lacks ward generation for higher corruption and is difficult to gear.

3. Falconer Explosive Ballista

The Falconer build might seem like the wrong choice for this list but rest assured it is one of the strongest builds you can make. The Falconer Explosive Ballista summons ballistas using explosive traps combined with siege engineering skills nodes and blast rain.

Additionally, you can increase the damage dealt by the ballistas by making use of the practical build and armed construction in the ballista skill tree. This build is really easy to play and gives high AoE damage but has low survivability and is too reliant on mana.

2. Necromancer Age Of Undeath Abomination

The Necromancer Age Of Undeath Abomination like its name deals with sacrificing to summon an abomination. Furthermore, the abomination can stay summoned for a long time as long as you do not summon skeletons or skeletal mages.

This build can be of great help if you want to destroy anything that gets in your way using the huge abomination. The main benefit of this build is that you can be far away from threats while dealing high damage. However, the abomination AI can be a little demanding at times.

1. Necromancer Undead Army

The Necromancer Undead Army build is the best build for you if you want an army of various minions to be on your side tackling whatever is standing in front of you. You can have wraiths, skeletal mages, volatile zombies, and bone golems in your personal army as per your choice. 

In addition, you can use the Aaron’s Will Unique armor to boost the total number of bone minions according to your total number of summonable skeletons. This creates a unique scenario where the more minions you have, the more you can summon. While you can deal high damage using this build, the only negative is that you will be dependent on the minions completely.

With this, we reach an end to our Last Epoch 5 Best Minion Builds. We discussed our favorite 5 minion builds and listed some of their pros and cons. Do let us know your favorite minion builds in the comments. For more from GamingFlaws, check out Roblox: Criminality Codes (March 2024).

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