Best Support Weapons in Helldivers 2

Best Support Weapons in Helldivers 2

In squad-based games like HELLDIVERS 2, building up the best Loadout before starting a mission is equally important, if not more than having good communication among the team. It increases the chances of survivability and reducing the amount of Supply Drop calls to replenish your ammo.

For individuals who did not experience the first game, Helldivers 2’s abundance of stratagems may appear somewhat overwhelming. When unlocking them in Ship Management, there are so many diverse types of destruction you may use against bugs and bots on the battlefield that it might be difficult to decide which is most worth investing your limited credits in.


Faster reload speeds make the Stalwart, a good substitute for the conventional Machine Gun. It is perfect for continuous firing when used in conjunction with the Supply Pack. While it is very strong against most opponents, its weakness is that it cannot pierce armor.

Anti-Material Rifle

Maximizing early-game advantage, the Stalwart proves indispensable as an anti-armor asset, enabling swift elimination of challenging foes through precise first-person aiming and effective close-range hip-firing tactics against charging adversaries.

Recoilless Rifle

The recoilless rifle in Helldivers 2 is an effective weapon for charging legs and drop ships as well as for supported fire. If a comrade reloads it, it may also quickly take out large targets.


For combating Automatons, the Autocannon stands as the optimal choice, swiftly neutralizing lighter-armored adversaries with its fast reload and efficient ammo consumption.


The Railgun emerges as the quintessential tactic in Helldivers 2, revolutionizing gameplay by enabling effortless headshots on Bile Titans and swift elimination of Chargers by targeting their leg armor.

Orbital Gatling Barrage

Helldivers 2’s orbital barrages often pose a risk to squad members due to their broad reach and potential for missed targets. However, the Orbital Gatling Barrage offers precise targeting within a defined area, akin to airburst.

Orbital Laser

The Orbital Laser stands out as the ultimate tool against heavily armored foes, boasting infinite uses and automatic targeting of the largest enemy nearby. However, its adaptability shines through in its ability to ignite the terrain for added damage and emit a long-range beam.

Orbital Railcannon Strike

The Orbital Railcannon Strike, with its infinite usability and automatic targeting of the largest adversary, reigns supreme against sizable armored foes. Yet, for versatility, the adaptable Orbital Laser shines, engulfing the terrain for extra damage and emitting a long-range beam capable of striking multiple nearby enemies.

Eagle Cluster Bomb

As the only Eagle ability with four charges, this stratagem excels in confronting enemy groups, maximizing value between resupplies. While misjudged usage may inconvenience teammates, its horizontal line of explosive descent from the beacon’s launch point offers straightforward control.

Eagle 500KG Bomb

Employing the 500 kg bomb may seem impractical, but it offers immense satisfaction with its colossal explosion. While perfect for decimating large groups of enemies or bug nests, its limited utility makes it less favorable compared to other stratagems, despite being the pinnacle of explosive power in the game.

Orbital Precision Strike

Opt for the Orbital Precision Strike for its swift cooldown and unlimited deployment, perfect for targeting armored foes or bug nests without necessitating extensive area coverage. For handling numerous enemies, Eagle stratagems are preferable, offering tailored strikes.

Shield Generator Relay

When the squad lacks personal Shield Generator Packs, opting for the Shield Generator Relay from the Engineering Bay offers a viable defense against ranged fire. This temporary shield grants a crucial moment of respite against relentless assaults from robotic adversaries.

Shield Generator Pack

The Shield Generator Pack is a top choice for individual survivability, particularly effective in bot missions but also against bugs. While the shield absorbs damage for a set duration before breaking, avoiding hits allows for swift recharge, offering defense against melee attacks and debilitating effects like bug spit that hinder movement.

Supply Pack

Undoubtedly among the game’s finest stratagems, the Supply Pack ensures a constant supply of ammunition, vital for sustained enemy elimination. With the press of a button, teammates or oneself can access the four included boxes, and the option to refill ammunition directly from the pack ensures no Supply Drops go to waste. 

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher proves invaluable for sealing bug holes remotely, eliminating the need for Orbital Strikes or frequent resupplies. Exercise caution near teammates, but its versatility extends to tasks like destroying antenna arrays or spore stalks, making it a straightforward choice for sub-objectives while remaining highly effective in combat.

Guard Dog

The Guard Dog backpack offers 360-degree cover with its accompanying drone, capable of shooting approaching threats when off cooldown, making it perfect for reloading or escaping hostile scenarios. However, its tendency to engage enemies hinders stealth maneuvers, though an alternative energy weapon variation, the “Guard Dog” Rover, is available at the Engineering Bay.

Gatling Santry

The Gatling Sentry stands as an upgraded iteration of the standard Machine Gun Sentry, boasting identical cooldown times. However, strategic turret placement is essential to avoid inadvertently harming oneself or one’s teammate. Ensuring adversaries are targeted where turret fire won’t pose a risk to allies is key to maximizing its effectiveness in combat situations.

Rocket Sentry

Among the most aggravating friendly fire hazards is the mortar sentry, as its unpredictable shell trajectories pose risks to teammates. Opting for the Rocket Sentry offers a less hazardous alternative, as its line-of-sight targeting reduces the likelihood of team casualties. Though still capable of injuring allies if foes are detected in front of them, strategic positioning mitigates the danger to the team.

Mortar Sentry

While I did express frustration with the Mortar Sentry earlier, it’s worth noting its effectiveness in defensive missions such as Automatons or Eradicate Terminid. This turret excels in situations where firing from a distance is advantageous and can even aid during extraction. 

EMS Mortar Sentry

Among Helldivers 2’s top crowd management tactics, the EMS Mortar proves formidable, unleashing devastating strikes to slow enemy advance and provide cover fire. When paired with a Mortar Sentry, it delivers a devastating one-two punch, immobilizing foes for easy targeting, especially effective against bots like the Hulk, freezing them in place for tactical advantage.


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