WoW SoD Phase 2: Gnomeregan Crafted Gear Complete Guide

WoW SoD Phase 2 Gnomeregan Crafted Gear Complete Guide
WoW SoD Phase 2 Gnomeregan Crafted Gear Complete Guide

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery’s Phase 2 is finally here, and fans are hopping in for the first time to discover everything the new season has brought. Similar to the Void-Toucher gear back in Phase 1, the new 10-man Gnomeregan Raid offers a boatload of new unique gear pieces that players can craft. However, before that, they need to complete a couple of prerequisites.

Today, we’ll be going through all of those prerequisites to ensure you can craft all of the new Gnomeregan gear. By the end, you’ll be able to craft several powerful gear pieces and weapons to make your character even more powerful than they already are by this point.

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How to Get Gnomeregan Crafted Items in WoW SoD Phase 2

Gnomeregan Raid
Gnomeregan Raid

Getting right into the meat and potatoes of the conversation, if you want to start crafting Gnomeregan crafted items, you’ll first have to complete a rather long series of quests that’ll take you all over the place. 

To make things easier, we’ll be going through everything in a step-by-step manner.

Step #1: Acquire the Grime-Encrusted Salvage

The very first thing you have to do is to jump into the Gnomeregan raid and take out whatever trash mobs and bosses you come across. Your goal is to have the Grime-Encrusted Salvage drop as the loot you can acquire.

Step #2: Go To the Salvagematic 9000!

With the Grime-Encrusted Salvage in hand, the next step is to go to The Dormitory Area and insert the salvage into the Salvagematic 9000. You’ll also need to sacrifice thirty silver, but worry not as you’ll eventually be able to craft stuff worth much more than that.

The machine will eventually break down, which will prompt Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket to come to the rescue. Of course, nothing is ever free, and you’ll be tasked with collecting a bunch of extremely rare and expensive materials if you want to get the machine up and running again.

The materials you have to collect include:

  • 10 Mithril Bar (You can purchase this off the Auction House)
  • 5 Greater Mystic Essence (This can also be purchased off the Auction House)
  • 3 GG12-082 Cartridge Fuse (These fuses are dropped from mechanical mobs in the Gnomeregan Raid)
  • Pristine G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor (Don’t try looking for this item since you won’t find it until you move on to the third step)

Collect the first three items we mentioned and move on to the next step.

Step #3: Obtain the Corroded G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor

Inside the Gnomeregan Raid
Inside the Gnomeregan Raid Area

That’s right, it’s time to obtain the last item you need to fix the machine we just mentioned. To get the Corroded G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor you have to go back to the front entrance of the Gnomeregan Raid and kill the Techbot. The Techbot will drop the item you’re looking for, which will start the Corroded Core questline.

To progress in this said questline, you’ll have to go back to your friend Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket and speak with her. She’ll share that Wirdal Wondergear has created the item, which will result in you having to go to Booty Bay to track Scooty down.

Step #4: Find Wirdal’s Beacons

Scooty will task you with going to four different locations to find beacons that will be used by Scooty to teleport you to Wirdal Wondergear. The location of every beacon is listed below:

  • /way 37, 27
  • /way 32, 73
  • /way 29.3, 93.8
  • /way 58, 13

Collect all of the beacons and return to Scooty who will teleport you to Wirdal Wondergear, who’ll task you with collecting the following three materials:

  • Charged Voidcore 
  • Spent Voidcore
  • Mote of Darkness

All three of these items are relatively difficult to obtain, with Spent Voidcore dropping from Naga mobs found on the Isle of Dread, and Spent Voidcore dropping from the shadowy figure after killing enough enemies for her to spawn.

Step #5: Deliver the Materials to Ziri in Gnomeregan

Once you’ve delivered the aforementioned materials to Wirdal, it’s almost time to wrap up this long quest. Take all of the materials Ziri originally asked for back to her to finally finish this long quest chain.

You will now be able to purchase all of the crafted item recipes and schematics for the newly added crafting components, alongside being able to use the Grime-Encrusted Salvage in the repaired Salvagematic 9000! The salvage can potentially have some banger materials that you won’t find anywhere else, so best get to grinding!

WoW SoD Phase 2 Recipes


Hey, since you’ve sat through such a long quest chain, we’re sure you won’t mind going through the list of every single item you can craft after completing the Gnomeregan questline, right? After all, don’t you want to sit through the list to see what you can potentially acquire after going through so much?

If your answer is yes, here’s every item you can craft using Gnomeregan recipes:

  • Gneuro-Linked Arcano-Filament Monocle
  • Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament
  • Gneuro-Conductive Channeler’s Hood
  • Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl
  • Glowing Hyperconductive Scale Coif
  • Rad-Resistant Scale Hood
  • Faintly Glowing Leather
  • Reflective Truesilver Braincage
  • Tempered Interference-Negating Helmet
  • Low-Background Truesilver Plates

Naturally, while all of these recipes give you different items of varying power and usefulness, the materials you’ll require for every item will differ. So, be sure to ensure you have the required materials to craft whatever recipe you buy since resources in this game aren’t infinite.

This concludes everything you need to know about crafting Gnomeregan gear. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the comment section below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! In the meantime, check out WoW SoD P2 Tier List For DPS Classes.

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