When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2024: How To Watch Fortnite Live Event Chapter 5 Season 2

When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2024
When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2024

Fortnite has released a new chapter 5, season 2, which will include a lot of new features, and players are excited for the new season to begin. The theme of this new season will be based on Greek history, and it will have all the elements and story based on their past. Read all about when is the Fortnite live event 2024 to find out the exact start and end date.

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When is the Fortnite live event 2024

The new season will be called Fortnite Odyssey, and you can get skins of characters like Zeus, Ares, Hades, and Medusa as well. The Fortnite season will go live on 2nd March and the expected time is 1 PM ET, 10 AM PT, or 6 PM GMT. There is a rumor about a new small event that will happen in Fortnite within the coming days.

The event will start when the earthquakes begin in Fortnite, and it will start to form some kind of hints for the players. You must be at least 10 meters away from the zone of the earthquake because it will eliminate you if you are near the area of the earthquake within the game about when is the Fortnite live event 2024.

When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2024
Live Event Fortnite

Fortnite Earthquake Live Event

You must have seen some cracks on the ground and these cracks are the result of an earthquake. These earthquakes are happening for a particular reason which is rumored to be the location of the Pandora Box Fortnite. The earthquake lines are intersecting, and a hole is starting to appear in the game. It is expected that this hole will emerge a Titan Hand which will hold the Pandora box in its palm, and it will be held by the help of chains about when is the Fortnite live event 2024.

Players can see the Pandora box at the location where the cracks align with each other and the only way to see the inside of the box is to open it. You can open the box by aiming for the chains that are holding the box and then breaking these chains which will cause the Pandora box to fall. There is always a chance of a small event in Fortnite as soon as some cracks begin to start.

When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2024
When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2024

The earthquake first began on 27th February, and it gave hints to players about a possible occurrence of an upcoming event. The leakers begin to estimate the exact time of the event when the cracks start to occur in the game. There are a total of 5 cracks in the game and it is believed that all these five cracks will become larger with the passing time. The event is planned to begin when all these cracks will start having lava shining on them. This is when the Titan hand will come out of the ground and players will witness a new small event to begin in front of themselves about when is the Fortnite live event 2024. You can also find out how many skins are in a Fortnite battle pass.

Titan Hand Mini Event

It is believed that when Pandora’s box is broken and the chains are released, a light will shine into the sky. This light will probably start a countdown to the actual start of the season of Chapter 5, season 2. It will also begin to release the Greek gods after the countdown ends in the game. It is recommended that you make your allies with other players and defeat the Pandora box because otherwise, it will be a difficult task to do so about when is the Fortnite live event 2024.

Some people believe that there will be 45 earthquake shakes in the game and each shake will occur every hour. The 46th shake of the earthquake will cause the Titan Hand to rise in the game.

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