How To Defeat Diamond Matron Last Epoch

Diamond Matron Last Epoch

Last Epoch is one of the RPGs that will put even experienced players under the pump when it comes to the challenges and lethal boss fights. Diamond Matron is one of the bosses in the game that will be a challenge for almost all players.

This guide will explain all about the Diamond Matron Last Epoch, including its location and the strategy to defeat this formidable boss.

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Diamond Matron Last Epoch

Diamond Matron Last Epoch
What is Diamond Matron Last Epoch

In Last Epoch you need to defeat Diamond Matrons in order to complete the Circle Of Fortune Prophecies. They are the elite defenders of one of the gods in the World of Eterra called Majasa.

You can easily identify them from their heavy gold and jewelry. Read on to learn all about the Diamond Matron Last Epoch.

Where To Find Diamond Matron Last Epoch

Diamond Matrons are found in the in the Divine Era particularly in the Maj’Elka Region. You will encounter it during the main quest line, and you can revisit these areas to farm for Diamond Matrons whenever you want.

If you’re having trouble encountering Diamond Matrons, it is recommended to look at the Lower Temple, Upper Temple, and the Temple Rooftops, there you’ll find plenty roaming around the area.

In my opinion, the Upper Temple is the best place to farm for Diamond Matrons. The encircled areas on the map below are the three spawn points for them.

Diamond Matron Last Epoch
Diamond Matron Last Epoch – Upper Temple Spawn Points

You can go through these locations to encounter the Diamond Matron. In case you don’t find any luck in spoting a Diamond Matron, you should teleport to another waypoint, and then back into the Upper Temple to reset the map.

How To Defeat Diamond Matron Last Epoch

When it comes to fighting the Diamond Matrons in battle will look like a daunting task at first. However, with a little knowledge about the enemy and an effective strategy, this encounter will be a walk in the park.

These bosses only have two attacks in their arsenal, and if you encounter them alone without having hordes of other enemies surrounding them, you’ll easily crush them in battle.

Therefore, before moving to the Diamond Matron, it is recommended to first take care of enemies surrounding them. You should simply dodge the attacks from the Diamond Matron and eliminate the surrounding enemies.

Once that is done, you can shift your focus to the Matron. It will rely on the following two moves.

  • Incandescent Beam
  • Incandescent Blast

1. Incandescent Beam

Diamond Matron Last Epoch
Incandescent Beam: Diamond Matron Last Epoch

The Incandescent Beam is the more potent move, and it can be identified by a giant yellow blast that will crash on your from the sky. This attack is no doubt lethal, but it is heavily telegraphed.

So, you will see it coming your way and will have ample time to escape. All you need is to move away from the blast zone to avoid any damage. However, instead of just backing away, you should counterattack the Matron.

It is because of the fact that when Diamond Matrons is casting this spell, it can not move, providing a window to deliver a counter punch. So, when you see the Incandescent Beam, close the distance between Matron to inflict damage.

2. Incandescent Blast

Diamond Matron Last Epoch
Incandescent Blast: Diamond Matron Last Epoch

The second attack, the Incandescent Blast, is a sweeping attack that will unleash fires from Diamond Matrons’ weapon to inflict damage. This attack is effective in close and mid-range.

You need to maintain a safe distance from Diamond Matron to avoid this attack. You will see a circle around the Matron; this circle is a denet range indicator, so you should stay out of the circle to avoid the hit.

If you’re outside the circle, you will have more than enough time to see this attack coming your way and dodge it with ease.

Now that you know how to avoid being hit, all you need is to counter-attack when you see an opening and repeat the process to your victory. Additionally, you can have a decent build like that to the Wraithlord Build.

This will relieve you of the worry of being hit in case you’re unable to time your dodge. That’s all there is to know about the Diamond Matron Last Epoch. In case you’re having trouble while Matchmake in Last Epoch, it is recommended to check out our detailed guide, How To Fix Last Epoch Failed To Matchmake Error.

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