Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition vs Standard Edition

Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition vs Standard Edition

Games nowadays launch with multiple DLCs and preorder bonuses. While it’s almost always possible to purchase the DLC for games separately, the more streamlined method is to purchase the deluxe or ultimate edition of the game simply, and the same is true for players who want to get their hands on Pacific Drive alongside its DLCs.

However, is buying the Deluxe Edition even worth it? After all, so many games out there have DLCs that are borderline useless and only give you something akin to horse armor. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Today, we’ll be analyzing the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition and comparing it to the Standard Edition you can buy for the base price to help you determine if the added price brings the value one might expect.

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How Much Does the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition Cost?

Salvaging a car in Pacific Drive
Salvaging a car in Pacific Drive

Before anything, it’s crucial that we get arguably the most important aspect out of the way which is the price. The Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition might have had a price tag of $35 and even $40 in some places, it can now be bought from both Steam and the Epic Games Store for just $17.49.

To put things into perspective, the base version of Pacific Drive also used to be priced higher, but it now costs $14.99. Of course, the base version is the standard version of Pacific Drive with no added DLCs. However, if you were to buy the base version first and then buy the DLCs separately, then you’d have to spend $3.49 to buy the “Pacific Drive: We Have Liftoff Customization Pack.”

What Does the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition Have?

Now that you know everything there is to know about the price difference between the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition, it’s time to highlight the added benefits you get for purchasing the Deluxe Edition.

Pacific Drive’s Deluxe Edition comes with the base game alongside the following:

  • Space shuttle-themed decal kit
  • Custom glow-in-the-dark stars decal kit
  • Wishing star antennae
  • Laika the Space Pup bobblehead
  • Spaceship steering wheel
  • UFO rearview mirror with its little tractor-beam
  • Starfighter hood ornament
  • Various rocket ship, astronaut & moon stickers for the window on your trunk
  • Custom astral shifter

As you can see, most of these items are purely cosmetic and technically don’t add to the gameplay aspect of Pacific Drive. However, because the game puts such a heavy emphasis on roleplaying, having some cool cosmetic items can be just what the doctor ordered to bump the game from a 9 to a 10.

Is the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition Worth It?

Driving a car in Pacific Drive
Driving a car in Pacific Drive

We’re finally down to the question you likely clicked on this article to find out, which is whether or not the Deluxe Edition of Pacific Drive is even worth the added value. Well, we have to bluntly state that whether the extra $2.50 is worth it or not entirely depends on what you’re looking for in the game.

If you were hoping for some game-changing weapons or a car that you never have to find fuel for, then you’re sadly mistaken, as that’s not the case. However, if you’re looking for some fun cosmetics add-ons you can use to add to your gaming experience then we think you should definitely go for it. 

Of course, perhaps the biggest deciding factor is whether Pacific Drive gets any more DLC in the future. The Deluxe Edition pretty much guarantees that you get access to every single DLC for the game, which means that you’ll also likely instantly get to try any future DLC the developers release.

With this, our comparison guide of Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition is over. At the end of the day, which version you go for depends on you, but we do ask that you let us know your decision in the comments. In the meantime, check out Baldur’s Gate 3: Rogue Build Guide.

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