Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation Full Video Scandal Explained

Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation Full Video Scandal Explained
Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation Full Video Scandal Explained

The Youtuber Verbal Ase, known for his Cartoon Beatbox Battles, was recently caught in a scandal featuring the now-famous Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation video with him and a Hazbin Hotel character doing questionable activities. The YouTuber previously had an extremely huge following of mostly impressionable children and teens, but that seems to have changed thanks to the aforementioned scandal.

The YouTuber has been involved in producing an animation video costing $50,000, which caught the internet by storm, causing tons of people online to make memes regarding the situation. In the wake of this commission, more information has come out, including some old queerphobic comments made by the Youtuber.

Today, we’re here to go through everything regarding the Hazbin Hotel animation video, including why the internet is raging over it, and what the consequences of this video have been for everyone involved.

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What is the Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation?

What is the Hazbin Hotel Hideway Animation?
What is the Hazbin Hotel Hideway Animation?

Verbal Ase, a once booming YouTuber known for his animated content, commissioned a Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation music video using the song “Hide Away” by Synapson, which cost roughly $50,000. This piece was styled after the popular show “Hazbin Hotel” on YouTube, and the animation took an unexpected and explicit turn concerning Verbal Ase and one of the main characters in the show, Charlie. 

The Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation depicts her engaging in questionable and inappropriate behavior with Verbal Ase. The animation started production in 2021, was finished by 2022, and uploaded to a private account. Although Verbal Ase took down the video afterward, someone who downloaded it made it public on Verbal Ase’s birthday. It resurfaced in early 2024, with many people responding to the animated video with memes and confusion.

This $50,000 commission of Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation caused disappointment among fans who once looked up to the beatboxer because he mismanaged his money, causing his upload schedule to suffer with around six months between each Character Beatbox episode.

‘These late uploads combined with lower-quality videos felt disrespectful to his fans. Not only that but considering that the majority of his community is minors, it was inappropriate to have an NSFW animation starring himself. In addition to that, the video itself depicts harassment.

What Were the Consequences of the Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation?

Consequences of Hazbin Hotel Animation
Consequences of Hazbin Hotel Animation

The commissioning of this Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation music video caused many consequences for the YouTuber, such as bankruptcy and public scrutiny. Verbal Ase spending so much money ruined the quality of his content while simultaneously increasing the waiting time between videos, going as far as six months per episode, making longtime fans unhappy. 

Aside from his financial standpoint, the surfacing of the video has ruined his public image. This scandal also led to old homophobic and transphobic comments made by Verbal Ase resurfacing, causing even more disappointment amongst the community.

As news of Verbal Ase’s $50,000 commission and the video spread across the internet, people online expressed shock, disappointment, and confusion, birthing many memes and speculations regarding the scandal. This video and his old comments resurfacing left a bad taste in his community’s mouths, and discussions are taking place regarding his prime and where he is right now. 

One of the biggest things to happen is that Verbal Ase, who was known for Cartoon Beatbox Battles, is now just known as “that one dude who paid $50k to make a soft NSFW video of himself with Charlie from Hazbin Hotel”. 

Verbal Ase’s Response To The Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation

YouTuber Verbal Ase
The YouTuber Verbal Ase

On January 21, 2024, Verbal Ase uploaded a response on his social media platforms addressing the entire situation, with many people having mixed opinions regarding the video. He discussed why he commissioned the animation and considered making a second channel for more mature audiences but then decided against it. Verbal Ase ended the video by thanking his fans and telling everyone he’ll continue making videos for the foreseeable future.

The transformation of Verbal Ase from a well-known YouTuber with a beloved schtick to someone who is now only known for their controversy is now like a cautionary tale for others who are on the rise. This happened over a $50,000 commission that caused Verbal Ase to go bankrupt and ruin his video output, now causing a public scandal. 

As Verbal Ase recovers from the entire Hazbin Hotel Hideaway Animation scandal, it has people wondering if he’ll ever fix his reputation and continue going forward. Regardless of whether or not he’s able to clear his name, we’re certain that this event will continue to haunt his career for the foreseeable future.

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