When Will Titan Hand Appear in Fortnite

When Will Titan Hand Appear in Fortnite

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is an online video game and gaming platform that was published in 2017. It has six different game mode variants that are all compatible with the same game engine and overall gameplay: The most well-known mode in Fortnite is Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game in which up to 100 people compete to be the last person standing.

If you are curious about when the Titan Hand will emerge in Fortnite, we have got you covered. The first season of Fortnite Chapter 5 is almost over. While we get ready for the Greek mythology-themed upcoming season (Chapter 5-Season 2), Epic Games has prepared an intriguing farewell event (also planning to introduce new Greek Mythology Skins later on).

Fortnite Titan Hand

Every hour, players experience earthquakes all throughout the Fortnite map. Cracks are also appearing in the ground as a result of these tremors near the Ruined Reels POI.

The event will culminate in the huge titan hand carrying Pandora’s box rising out of the Earth. The group of players will need to take it out together. Here is what we currently know:

Numerous leaks on X state that there will be a total of 45 earthquakes, each happening every hour on the maps; there is a myth that The Hand will appear from the crack and grow larger until it unveils the chained chest on the 46th tremor.

Expected Times of Some of the Shakes 

Earthquake Number Leaked Rumored Time (Eastern Time Zone ET)
Shake No. 9: 10 pm (February 27th)
Shake No. 18: 7 am (February 28th)
Shake No. 27: 4 pm (February 28th)
Shake No. 36: 1 am (February 29th)
Shake No. 45: 10 am (February 29th)
Shake No. 46 (Emergence of the Titan’s Hand) 11am (February 29th)

Once the hand appears, you, along with other players in the lobby, will shoot down the chains on the Titan’s Hand. A health bar will appear, and after shooting down the health bar all the way down, the box will be dropped.

On opening the box, a beam of light will shoot out, causing chaos on the island. According to the Pandora’s box lore, if once opened it will release all evil onto the world. This will cause many smaller events like the appearance of ghost hands, thunders, tornados, and earthquakes.

What is the Titan’s Hand?

The volcanic hand appearing from beneath the ground (inspired by the upcoming season’s theme) belongs to the Titan Atlas from Greek Mythology, which is holding up the Earth.

Atlas was enslaved by god Zeus after the Titan War, the war in which the Titans tried to take control over Olympus.

What is Pandora’s Box?

The box is inspired by the upcoming season’s theme, coming straight from the Greek Mythology, featuring a few gods artworks, which are rumored to be successive season’s bosses (Ares, Zeus, Hades, and Hades’ three-headed dog Cerberus).

Upcoming Greek Mythology-Inspired Skins

According to various leaks and rumors, new skins featuring the Greek gods in the upcoming season will be announced in the coming days. Some of the rumored ones include Hermes, Ares, Hades (multiple versions), Cerberus, Aphrodite, Artemis (multiple versions), Athena, Apollo, Hephaestus, Medusa, Minotaur, and Persephone.

Now, the question of how many of them actually show up will be answered when the update finally rolls out in the upcoming days. Till then, let’s just enjoy the final few hours of Fortnite Chapter 5-Season 1.

We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the World of Greek Mythology in the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 5-Season 2, just like everyone else.

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