Three Best Races For A Fighter Baldur’s Gate 3

Best Races For A Fighter Baldur's Gate 3
Best Races For A Fighter Baldur's Gate 3

Stepping into the World of Baldur’s Gate 3, the first and foremost thing you need to do is build your character strong and efficient. Among, the 12 different classes available in Baldur’s Gate 3, that you can opt for, the Fighter class has an edge in melee combats as it gives much more damage as compared to most of the other classes.

Apart from choosing a class and a subclass, another really important thing that will determine your character’s behavior is Race. ThereĀ  are 11 different races in Baldur’s Gate 3, each with its own good and bad things. Whichever race you choose will, however, doesn’t affect your character’s stats, and just influence the synergies and a few other things.

While you are allowed to choose any race for any class, however, a few combinations don’t work. Are you the one who loves melee combats, and choosing Fighter class for your Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure? Here are the best races for a Fighter Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Best Races For A Fighter Baldur’s Gate 3

With a variety of races and sub races available in Baldur’s Gate 3, choosing a right one can be pretty challenging. Here is the list of races that will go perfect with Fighter class:

3. Half-Orcs

Best Races For A Fighter Baldur's Gate 3
Best Races For A Fighter Baldur’s Gate 3: Half-Orc

Half-Orcs in Baldur’s Gate 3 are undoubtedly a great race for the Fighter class because of the unique physical features and great combat abilities they possess. Choosing this race for your Fighter class will give you a natural strength and resilience that will make you stand out on the battlefield.

Other than resilience, Half-Orcs also provide a great advantage in close-quarters situations as they move quickly. It will also provide an advantage of a Dark Vision ability. With this, you can easily see things around you while exploring the BG3 world.

One of the best traits of Half-Orcs is Relentless Endurance. This trait enables Half-Orcs to fight for longer, bearing all the injuries. Moreover, they also boast Menacing and Savage Attacks, which provide them with a tactical edge in combat.

No matter what Half-Orcs lack in the versatility of spell casting, like other classes, however, their physical strength and combat abilities make up for the spell casting features, making it one of the great races for Baldur’s Gate 3 Fighter class.

2. Dwarfs

Best Races For A Fighter Baldur's Gate 3
Best Races For A Fighter Baldur’s Gate 3 – Dwarf

Next in our list of Best Races for a Fighter Baldur’s Gate 3 is Dwarf. This race has great endurance, resilience, and craftsmanship, which is very important for a fighter class, as you fight the enemies on front food. Similar to Half Orces, Dwarves have a dark vision ability helping them to identify incoming enemies even in the dark.

Apart from great resilience, Dwarf also has great weapon proficiency, including battle axes, hand axes, light hammers, and Warhammers, and an armor proficiency that makes it the best race for our Fighter. Though Dwarves cannot move as quickly as Half Orcs or some other classes, however, damage, endurance, and weapon proficiency of this race make it a perfect fit for your Fighter Class to rule the battlefield.

1. Githyanki

Best Races For A Fighter Baldur's Gate 3
Best Races For A Fighter Baldur’s Gate 3: Githyanki

Githyanki in Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a great combination of martial proficiency, resilience, unique racial abilities, and psionic powers making it the best race for Fighter Class. Apart from being naturally proficient in Martial weapons, Githyankis have proficiency in other long-range weapons, like light armor, medium armor, short swords, longswords, and great swords, making them perfect for both long- and short-range battles.

Githyanki also has some unique traits including the Martial Prodigy and Githyanki Psionics like Mage Hand and Astral Knowledge. These abilities along with enhancing Fighter’s aptitude for battle strategy, provide some tactical advantages and broaden their arsenal of skills and tactics.

With all of the aforementioned advantages, Githyanki has one more major advantage similar to Half-Orcs and Drawfs, making it extremely suitable for Baldur’s Gate 3 Fighter Class, and that is resilience. As a Fighter, you’ve to stay in combat for most of the time, therefore, to survive your character needs to have some great resilience.


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